ItsSlicker Gambling Scam Explained – Ludwig, xQc, and Mizkif reactions

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Gambling streams have always been a controversial topic on Twitch, but ItsSliker may have taken things to the next level. Here’s a complete breakdown of the entire ItsSliker gambling scam.

Gambling streams have been a topic of huge debate on Twitch for quite some time now. However, the currently ongoing ItsSliker controversy has taken things to a whole new level. Things have escalated to a point where several prominent Twitch streamers have called out the platform for still allowing gambling on Twitch.

In case you are unaware of the entire ItsSliker situation so far, there is no need to feel left out. Here’s a complete breakdown of the ItsSliker gambling scam and related events that ahve gone down so far.

ItsSliker Gambling Scam
ItsSliker has stirred a huge controversy in the Twitch community

Summary of the ItsSliker gambling scam

Prior to the controversy, ItsSliker was simply a UK-based streamer who appeared on the AustinShow several times. However, recently, another Twitch streamer by the name of mikelpee came forward with their story, stating that Sliker had scammed them of their money. The streamer said that Sliker had asked them for money, promising that he would return the same. However, he never ended up following through with that promise.

Soon after mikelpee posted about this, many other streamers and viewers came forward with similar stories about the creator. Prominent names like Myth, xQc, and even TrainwrecksTV chimed in, saying that they had also received sketchy messages from the streamer.

Shortly after these accusations came to light, Sliker responded to them. During a shocking livestream, the UK-based streamer broke down into tears, confessing to his act. He revealed that he had grown a gambling addiction, and had almost run out of all of his own money. He then turned to his viewers and various streamers for money, stating vague reasons for the same and promising them he would return the money.

However, despite his confession, Sliker maintained that he did not intend to scam anybody and intended to return the money to his viewers. He confessed that he owed TrainwrecksTV a whopping $100,000 and even revealed that money was the reason the two grew apart.

Finally, the streamer announced that he was going to get help for his gambling problems and repay everyone he had taken money from.

Mizkif, xQc, and others react to the ItsSliker controversy

As expected, the confession sparked huge controversy within the entire streaming community. Many prominent streamers shared their take on the situation. While streamers like Asmongold stated that Sliker should be handed a permanent ban, others like Ludwig and xQc believed that damage control was the need of the hour here. They even offered to help repay the viewers who were scammed by ItsSliker, along with the help of TrainwrecksTV.

However, a third section of streamers including the likes of Pokimane and Hasanabi used this opportunity to reiterate the harm of allowing gambling on a platform like Twitch. With many popular streamers calling out the platform to take action, Twitch finally issued a statement earlier today that it would ban certain gambling websites from the platform effective October. However, sport-based gambling and poker would still be permitted on the platform.

So far, Twitch has not banned ItsSliker from the platform. However, the entire controversy has sparked a whole new controversy with Mizkif and Trainwrecks.

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