Mark Cuban leaving Shark Tank: Looking back at some of the best deals the entrepreneur has nabbed on the show


Mark Cuban leaving Shark Tank: All you should know about Mark Cuban leaving Shark Tank and take a look back at some of the best deals the entrepreneur has nabbed on the show.

Mark Cuban is in the spotlight because he will be leaving the shark tank after 12 years. In a podcast, Mark Cuban spoke about his decision to exit the show.

He stated in the All the Smoke podcast that he would be leaving the show after completing the next season. Mark Cuban stated, “This is our 15th year. Next year, my 16th year’s going to be my last year, so I’ve got one more year to go. It’s time,” he mentioned.

This is not the first time that Mark Cuban has expressed his desire to leave the show. Let us take a deep dive into Mark Cuban’s exit and learn all about some of the best deals that the star has nabbed in the show.

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban (Getty)

Deals nabbed by Mark Cuban on Shark Tank

Mark Cuban is widely known for his business acumen and strategy. Let us take a deep dive into the investments made by Mark Cuban. In 2011, he invested in Tower Paddle, which was worth $150,000.

According to the details mentioned on the website of Tower Paddle Boards, they paid him $1 million in dividends. Mark Cuban has mentioned Tower Paddle Board as one of his best investments on multiple occasions at Forbes, the Howard Stern Show, ABC, People’s Magazine, and MRO.

Mark Cuban has invested about $29 million in at least 85 companies. A list of some of the most successful investments by Mark Cuban includes the preschool app Brightwheel, Dude Wipes, which is a flushable toilet wipe, and Beat Box, a beverage brand that combines alcohol.

Mark Cuban has also invested in the beauty industry, and he invested about $400,000 in Youthforia, a beauty and skincare band whose founder is Fiona Co. Chan.

Mark Cuban made his investment in cryptocurrency, technology, and other different aspects.


Mark Cuban’s leaving Shark Tank is a huge loss for fans, and he also mentioned that he wanted to take care of his family and take care of them.

Mark Cuban stated that he loved the show and that he loved what the show was all about. Mark Cuban states that his professional life takes so much time he wants to devote to his family, and this is why he is willing to leave the show to reduce his professional responsibilities.

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