March PlayStation Plus Lineup Offers More Than Just Blockbusters- 8 Brilliant Games that deserve more recognition!!


March PlayStation Plus games are revealed and there are a number of reasons to get excited about these releases.

Every month, Playstation Plus subscribers get their fair share of games in the catalog of games. This month especially adds some legendary games that we will be discussing in this article and why it is one of the best times to get a PlayStation Plus subscription if you do not have one.

March PlayStation Plus Games Overview

8 games in total are being added to the March PlayStation Plus Extra catalog. These games include top titles such as Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, Resident Evil 3, NBA 2K 24, and Lego DC Supervillains. Some indie titles are added too such as Blood Bowl 3, Mystic Pillars: Remastered, and Super Neptunia RPG. Let us now break down those games. On the other hand, a great news for gamers it that Ubisoft + is not available for Playstation. To read more about it, click here.

March PlayStation Plus- Marvel’s Midnight Suns

For fans of Marvel characters and role-playing games, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is an excellent game from the makers of the XCOM series. Take on the role of the wide array of characters from Marvel Comics and experience a deep story that showcases every character’s depth in its narrative. The best part about this game is that players are allowed to create their own character and fight alongside their favorite Marvel character. I really loved the character designs in this game and the art direction. Special Shoutout to Ghost Rider and Wolverine and their brilliant designs.

March PlayStation Plus
Marvel’s Midnight Suns Wolverine

March PlayStation Plus – Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

For fans of anime, there need not be an introduction to the Dragon Ball Z franchise. Usually, all Dragon Ball Z games are focused on the fighting mechanics and loud grunts but Dragon Ball Z Kakarot takes a different approach by introducing a lot of RPG elements while enjoying the simpler things in life such as cooking, fishing etc in the world of Dragon Ball Z. A fresh change of pace for Dragon Ball Z games in general and a great game too

maxresdefault 1 38
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

March PlayStation Plus- Resident Evil 3

Capcom knows how to make remakes. Back in 2019, they released the Resident Evil 2 remake that took the world by storm with its amazing gameplay, story telling and top notch graphics. The follow-up was Resident Evil 3 which was released later in 2020 with the same amazing gameplay and the classic protagonist of the Resident Evil franchise i.e. Jill Valentine. Even though this game was not as well received as its predecessor, it is still a great entry in the Resident Evil franchise and a must-play for fans.

maxresdefault 2 22
Resident Evil 3 Cover

March PlayStation Plus- NBA 2K 24

An yearly sports installment, NBA 2K 24 is the latest entry in the long running basketball simulation franchise. Even though there are many issues in the game this is still a must pick for regular NBA 2K players as this latest entry comes with roster updates, gameplay tweaks and much more. There might be a franchise fatigue for regular gamers but this games is good entry nonetheless.

NBA 2K 24 Cover

March PlayStation Plus- Lego DC Supervillians

Did you ever play a Lego game? What happens when you blend the silly humor of Lego and the seriousness of DC Supervillians, you get Lego DC Supervillians. This game is a classic action puzzler Lego game that focuses on the sillyness and wacky humor that these games are known for. Be prepared to be in the shoes of many DC Supervillians and laugh your guts out with the humor.

lego dc super villains review vdx2
Lego DC Supervillians Art

March PlayStation Plus- Blood Bowl 3

The title says its all, Blood Bowl 3 is a sports game that is bloody brilliant and this 3rd entry in the franchise fires all cylinders with its turn based gameplay and various levels of unpredictability. This game is something to be experienced for fans of the American Football sport and for gamers who are into patient tactical gameplay.

Blood Bowl 3 Gameplay

March PlayStation Plus- Mystic Pillars: Remastered

I have run out of adjectives to describe how beautiful this game is. This game is simple at its best with its gorgeous graphics and stunning visuals. The simple puzzle game can touch a lot of people’s hearts and I am glad that PlayStation is adding such a gem in its remastered form with all its glory.

The best part about Mystic Pillars is that it is available in 21 different languages including a bunch of Indian languages. This is why gamers love and always appreciate indie titles and support companies like Sony and Microsoft when they include such games in their subscription.

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Mystic Pillars Cover

March PlayStation Plus- Super Neptunia RPG

Take me back to those good old days when gamers never thought that gaming would evolve from the 2D scrollers. Even today, side-scrolling games have a charm and charisma that cannot be beaten and can be creative in the way they express their gameplay. Super Neptunia is one of those side scrolling RPG games that will take you back and launch you forward with its stunning gameplay, JRPG graphics and a deep customization system.

super neptunia rpg pc game steam cover
Super Neptunia RPG Cover

What is the price value and why You Should Try March’s Underrated Games?

All these titles can come up to a combined total of around $150 as the price value depends on the release date, the critic review, and the value for money. This month’s indie games deserve a special spotlight as Mystic Pillars is one of the most innovative and beautifully crafted games. This game can be compared to hand-crafted art vs printed art and I am sure you know what I mean. These are some classic games that should’nt be missed. Speaking of classics, Playstation 2 games will be available on Playstation 5. To read more about the Playstation 2 classics, click here.

To know the different tiers Playstation is offering, click here.

Are all these games getting added in March 2024?

Yes, all of these games are getting addded in the month of March 2024.

Are these games Playstation exclusives?

All of these games are not Playstation Exclusives and are available on other platforms as well.

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