Have you started playing Madden 23 and facing difficulties in the offense? Do not worry, we have the best Madden 23 offensive guide for you.

EA Tiburon and Electronic Arts developed and published Madden NFL 23, a video game based on the National Football League (NFL). Released on August 19, 2022, the Madden 23 is an installment of the long-running series. It is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The series made its debut on the Epic Games Store as well. To win the games, you should be aware of the offensive strategy. If you are weak at it, then do not worry. We have the Madden 23 offensive guide for you that has the best tips and tricks. 

Madden 23 offensive guide: Hot route

With hot routes, you can change a receiver’s route from the default one to the route of your choice. You can hot route any receiver in Madden by pressing the receiver button icon before the snap. Exceptional Madden gamers use hot routes for every play.

To hot route a receiver, press Y/Triangle before snapping, then press the receiver icon you want to hot route. When the hot route menu appears, flick the Right Stick (RS) in the direction you want the route to follow.

High pass and low pass

The bullet pass is the simplest pass, and it is what you will use most often. However, the high pass and the low pass are just great when used correctly. In order to avoid the ball being caught by an underneath player, the high pass is particularly useful when passing over a busy area.  In situations where there are several players behind your receiver, a low pass is thrown when there is plenty of space ahead of you, but the ball isn’t thrown high enough to catch more than one player. 

Use a low pass at your own risk in Madden 23 because they are famous for being highly inaccurate. An inaccurate throw is far more likely to be dropped when a receiver tries to grab it. An effective touch pass combines low passes with high passes. It is particularly useful in high-traffic areas when you don’t want the ball to hang too long, allowing the attackers to adjust.

Madden 23 gameplay
Madden 23 gameplay

Be careful at the Tight End

As the edge rusher will automatically be sent to stop the tight end one-on-one in Madden 23, blocking the tight end is basically a simple approach to getting tackled. You should try double-teaming the tight edge, but even if you do, he will just go around both of them, thus rendering two people blocking no one, and everything falling on your shoulders. An edge rusher is not a good pass blocker, and sometimes even worse than a right tackle. It is best to leave the tight end to the right tackle to handle it.

Do the aggressive catch carefully

In an aggressive catch, the receiver will do everything he can to catch the ball. It is the riskiest type of catch to make and you should not do it if you are about to be tackled since even a slight push can cause you to drop the ball, so you should not do this type of catch when you are about to be tackled.

Madden 23 offensive guide: Tackle box

It is important to keep in mind that your protection in Madden 23 lasts as long as you remain inside the tackle box. Your defensive line will be broken as soon as you leave the tackle box, and in a matter of minutes, a player will be on you to tackle you. This mechanic will reduce the possibility of running outside the tackle box and shooting the ball across the field, so you will need to stay inside the tackle box if you want your protection to last.

Madden 23 offensive guide: Play Action

It is a technique in which the quarterback fakes the handoff before passing the ball. This confuses the opponent and makes it take 1 or 2 seconds for them to send defenders to you. You will be able to formulate a strategy within these two or three seconds and adjust accordingly within that timeframe. Therefore, it is advisable to use the play action and make use of the few extra seconds that you have rather than blocking the running back, which will ultimately fail.

Madden 23 gameplay
Madden 23 gameplay

So these were some of the important tips and tricks in our Madden 23 offensive guide. Follow the tips carefully and you will definitely become good at offensive play.

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