How To Get and Use Lords of The Fallen Odd Stone


Once you have the Lords of the Fallen Odd Stone, you can experiment with the alternate attack as many times as you wish.

Due to its strange nature, the Odd Stone is a rare and mysterious item in Lords of the Fallen. Many players miss it because of this. This guide will not only show you how to get the Odd Stone, but also what it means and the complicated steps you need to take to use its secret power. So, get ready to acquire the Lords of The Fallen Odd Stone and use it effectively.

The iron wayfarer
The iron wayfarer

How to get the Lords of the Fallen Odd Stone?

1. Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch

The Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch is where the search for the Odd Stone starts. As you enter her kingdom, there is a mysterious air about the trip. As this mysterious search begins, Lydia’s Vestige serves as a background.

2. Travel with Precision

Once you enter Lydia’s Vestige, careful travel is a must. Watch out when you jump down, and enjoy the atmosphere around you. Leave through the door next to the table, setting the stage for the journey that is about to begin.

3. Face Enemies

The path to the Lords of the Fallen Odd Stone is not without its challenges. Descend the ladder to encounter enemies lurking in the shadows. Clearing this area becomes essential for unhindered movement, setting the tone for a strategic and skillful progression.

4. Cross the Bridge

Crossing the bridge marks a transition, a pivotal moment in the quest. On the other side, a leap of faith awaits as you prepare to delve deeper into the mysteries that unfold beneath.

5. Inspect the Hidden Realm

Upon landing on the other side, take a moment to inspect the area beneath. In the original world, keen observers may notice butterflies gracefully dancing—a subtle signal of an Umbral Stigma. To reveal this hidden realm, switch to the Umbral realm in Lords of the Fallen.

6. Umbral Stigma Revelation

The Umbral Stigma, which was hidden before, comes to light in the Umbral world. If you’re not sure, look for the Umbral label in LOTF that calls out the power of Soulflay. Start a conversation that presents a mysterious woman named Elianne. Her presence makes the story even more interesting.

7. Odd Stone Reward

As the dialogue concludes, a reward awaits the intrepid adventurer— the Odd Stone, a unique artifact shrouded in mystery and significance within the realm of Lords of the Fallen. Accompanying this peculiar stone are Umbral Scourings, further enhancing the depth of your inventory.

Fight the enemies
Fight the enemies

How to use the Lords of the Fallen Odd Stone?

Now that you have the Lords of the Fallen Odd Stone, the next step is to figure out how to use it. Go back to any Vestige and use the teleport to get to Skyrest. Find Pieta. She is probably next to the ghost point. Engage with her and carefully finish all of her dialogue until the “Use the Odd Stone” option appears.

This leads to more conversations that show Pieta’s relationship with a woman named Iris who cared for her. For people who want to know more about the story, talking to Pieta more than once gives you more information about the Lords of the Fallen Odd Stone and the kind woman. Keep in mind that you can have this conversation three times.

An Alternative Use

A Reddit user named u/ApocHarvester found that the Odd Stone has another use besides the story research. This new information makes the thing even more interesting.

Once you have the Odd Stone, make sure you have the two swords you got from fighting Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, and Elianne the Starved as bosses. The fight with Pieta takes place early in the game at the Skyrest Bridge. If you want to meet Elianne, choose the Umbral ending. This will lead to a fight in Mother’s Lull. Both swords should be made +5.

In the last step, put on both swords and the Odd Stone, one in each hand, and press the buttons for heavy attack and guard in Lords of the Fallen to start a certain attack. This starts a special attack with blue and yellow lighting and sword cuts that match the colors of the swords that are equipped.



In conclusion, the Odd Stone in Lords of the Fallen is more than just a collectible or a plot device. It is a complex item that has secret powers. The Lords of the Fallen Odd Stone makes the game more interesting by letting you have interesting conversations with Pieta and showing you a powerful move that works best with certain swords. Accept the mystery, try out different ways to use it, and find out the secrets that are hidden in Lords of the Fallen.


Where can I use the Odd Stone in the game?

After obtaining the Odd Stone, return to any Vestige and teleport to Skyrest. Locate Pieta near the vestige point, engage with her, and exhaust her dialogue until the option “Use the Odd Stone” appears. This initiates additional dialogues revealing Pieta’s connection with a woman named Iris.

What is the alternate use of the Odd Stone in Lords of the Fallen?

An alternate use of the Odd Stone involves using it in conjunction with two specific swords obtained from boss fights with Pieta and Elianne. By equipping both swords and the Odd Stone and initiating a specific attack using heavy attack and guard buttons, a unique assault with blue and yellow lighting is triggered.

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