Lords of the Fallen: How to Get All the Boss Weapons and Armor Sets


To acquire Lords of the Fallen boss weapons and armor sets, you need to defeat the boss. Then interact with the Umbral Echo (Stigma) that appears after the fight.

Getting the strongest weapons and armor sets can make the difference between winning and losing in Lords of the Fallen‘s action-packed world. Most of the time, the tough bosses you face along the way will have these highly sought-after things. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of you. We will show you how to get these boss weapons, armor sets, and spells in this guide, making sure you are ready for any task that comes your way.

How to Get Lords of the Fallen Boss Weapons and Armor Sets

Your quest for boss weapons and armor sets begins with a fierce confrontation. Engage in epic battles and emerge victorious to earn the right to claim your prize. Once the boss falls, your journey to obtaining their exclusive items truly commences.

Harvesting Remembrances

After you beat the boss, you need to talk to the Umbral Echo, which is also known as Stigma, that shows up on the battlefield. You will get two important things from this interaction: Umbral Scouring and the boss’s Remembrance. These Remembrances are permanent items that are very important for getting the boss things that everyone wants.

Returning to Skyrest Bridge

With your hard-earned Remembrance in hand, your next destination is Skyrest Bridge. The fastest way to reach it is by utilizing a Vestige Seedling on the Umbral flowerbed that magically appears in the middle of the arena. This flowerbed serves as a portal that will transport you to Skyrest Bridge.

Meeting Molhu – The Umbral Vendor

Skyrest Bridge is not an ordinary place. It is where the Umbral Realm comes to life, and only those who possess Remembrances can witness it. Here, you’ll find Molhu, the Umbral vendor, who can assist you in acquiring the Lords of the Fallen boss weapons, armor sets, and spells you desire.

Offer Your Remembrance

Engage in a dialogue with Molhu and choose “Offer Remembrance.” This step is very important because it lets you get to the things you want. Pick the boss’s Remembrance to get the things you need and move on to the next step.

Choosing Your Prize

Once you’ve offered the Remembrance, a selection of items will be presented to you. Choose the specific boss weapon, armor set, or spell that you wish to obtain. Click on the item to add it to your inventory, provided you have sufficient Umbral Scouring to make the purchase.

Note: Be Mindful of Your Choices

Keep in mind that not every boss gives you a full set of gear or even a weapon. Some might only give you a ring or a spell, while others might give you all of your armor plus a weapon but no magic. The things that can be bought with each boss’s Remembrance are set and can’t be changed. So, make a smart choice, because Umbral Scouring, the cash you need to buy these things, is a valuable resource that is hard to find.

Farming Umbral Scouring

To ensure you have an ample supply of Umbral Scouring for your purchases, consider these methods:

  • Umbral Echoes (Stigmas): Interact with these echoes of the past by using the Soulflay ability on them. Keep in mind that you can only interact with these entities in the Umbral Realm.
  • Unique Umbral Enemies: Engage in battles with elite Umbral entities, as they have a chance to drop Umbral Scouring upon defeat.
  • Boss Fights: Each boss you vanquish will yield a certain amount of Umbral Scouring, further adding to your collection.
  • Red Reaper: Keep an eye out for the Red Reaper, an Umbral enemy that appears after the Umbral Eye has completely filled up and turned red. Defeating this enemy rewards you with a generous 5 Umbral Scouring.
Kill silently
Kill silently


Getting Lords of the Fallen boss weapons, armor sets, and spells is very important. With our full guide, you now have the information and methods you need to give your character the strongest gear possible. To beat your enemies in style, you need to kill the bosses, gather Remembrances, and carefully choose the things you want.


What is Umbral Scouring, and why is it important?

Umbral Scouring is the currency used to buy boss items from Molhu. It is essential for obtaining the items, so you need to ensure you have enough Umbral Scouring to make your desired purchases.

Can I change my choice of boss items once I’ve offered the Remembrance to Molhu?

No, the items you can buy using a boss’s Remembrance are fixed and cannot be changed. Therefore, it’s crucial to make a careful choice when selecting your desired items.

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