Lords of the Fallen: How to Farm Souls


You can choose to farm Lords of the Fallen Souls at either location depending on your progress in the game. 

Want to get a lot of Souls quickly in Lords of the Fallen? It’s a tough action role-playing game where character advancement needs to be planned out. Getting the most out of your early game is important whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner. Farming souls can make a big difference in your journey. This guide will show you two of the best places to farm Lords of the Fallen Souls quickly, so you can meet the game’s strict stat standards. 

How to Farm Lords of the Fallen Souls

Farming Location 1: Vestige of Marco the Axe

Our first recommended farming location is conveniently situated near the Vestige of Marco the Axe. To access this spot, follow these steps:

  • Spawn at the Redcopse Windmill: Start your farming run by spawning at the Redcopse Windmill, which serves as a safe point close to the action.
  • Activate the Umbral: Enter the Umbral to increase the number of Souls you earn. This is a crucial step to maximize your gains.
  • Descend the Hill: Proceed down the hill from the windmill, where you’ll encounter a group of enemies on the path leading into the village.
  • Eliminate Enemies: Dispatch the enemies efficiently as you make your way down. By the time you reach the bottom, the Umbral enemies will have started spawning.
  • Retreat to the Windmill: Climb back up to the windmill and rest to respawn your enemies. You can repeat this process multiple times.

If you follow this method, you can get between 500 and 800 Souls in just a minute or two. At this point in the game, it only takes about 2,000 Souls to level up, so this is a big amount.

Farming Location 2: Vestige of Chabui in Pilgrim’s Perch

Our second recommended location to farm Lords of the Fallen souls is found further into the game near the Vestige of Chabui in Pilgrim’s Perch. Here’s how to access this spot:

  • Spawn Next to Ardent Penitent: Begin by spawning right next to an Ardent Penitent infected with a parasite. This area is also surrounded by two Umbral blisters.
  • Efficient Elimination: Target the Ardent Penitent and raise your lamp to take care of the parasite and both blisters simultaneously. Eliminate them efficiently.
  • Take on the Penitent: Engage in combat with the Ardent Penitent until it is defeated.
  • Clear the Area: Exit onto the wooden platform, popping the third Umbral blister just outside the entrance along the way.
  • Bonus Eliminations: Kick the pilgrim off the platform, then climb the nearby ladder and take out a second one.
  • Repeat the Process: Return to the Vestige and rest to prepare for another farming run.

It takes about one to two minutes to finish this route, and you can make between 800 and 1,000 Vigour. It only takes 2,500 to 3,000 Souls to level up at this point in the game, so you can quickly improve your stats to keep up with how hard the game is getting.

Soul farming
Soul farming


To sum up, winning the early game requires you to farm Lords of the Fallen souls. If you follow our advice and use the two farming spots we’ve listed, you can quickly get Souls, improve your character’s skills, and move through the game smoothly. Remember to use the Umbral well and make sure your battle plan is the best it can be for the best results.


Why is early game Soul farming important in Lords of the Fallen?

Early game Soul farming is vital in Lords of the Fallen because it allows you to accumulate the necessary Souls to meet stat requirements for better gear and character progression. Without efficient farming, you may find the game’s challenges significantly more daunting.

Are there any specific gear or character requirements for early game Soul farming?

While there are no strict gear or character requirements for Soul farming, it is recommended to equip items that boost your damage output and defense. Additionally, raising your Vigor and using the Umbral are helpful strategies.

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