Lords of the Fallen: How to Enjoy the Game on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S


If you enjoyed Lords of the Fallen game on previous consoles, the enhanced version on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S is worth considering. 

The exciting action RPG Lords of the Fallen, which is similar to Dark Souls and other Souls-like games, has been given a beautiful new look for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Players will be able to get deeper into this fascinating world than ever before with this updated version’s better graphics, faster performance, and much shorter loading times. You’ve come to the right place if you’re new to Lords of the Fallen game or just want to know how to get the most out of it on your PS5 or Xbox Series X|S. This guide will show you how to do everything, from choosing the best graphics mode to making the most of the cool new DualSense controller features.

Choosing the Right Graphics Mode

Lords of the Fallen game offers players the choice of two graphics modes on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S: Quality and Performance. The decision between these modes primarily hinges on your personal gaming preferences.

Quality Mode

Quality mode is for people who care most about the quality of the graphics. Some people are lucky enough to have a high-end TV or computer, and this mode lets you enjoy the game’s beautiful graphics. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that Quality mode might sometimes see a small drop in frame rate, especially in more demanding game situations.

Performance Mode

For those who prioritize a smooth and responsive gaming experience over graphical fidelity, Performance mode is the way to go. This mode is designed to maintain a consistent 60 frames per second, ensuring that the gameplay remains fluid and engaging. Performance mode is ideal for gamers who relish precision and fast-paced action.

Using the DualSense Controller Features

The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller introduces a range of innovative features that can significantly enhance your Lords of the Fallen experience. These features add depth and immersion to the game by providing haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functionality.

Haptic Feedback

Haptic feedback on the DualSense controller enables you to physically feel the game world. As you traverse the mystical realms of Lords of the Fallen, you can sense the vibrations of your character’s footsteps and experience the impact of every powerful blow. This heightened tactile feedback contributes to a more immersive gaming experience.

Adaptive Triggers

The DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers are made to mimic the resistance and force of different movements in games. When using different guns or special skills, the adaptive triggers will change to make it feel like you are using those weapons. This level of involvement gives the game more depth and makes every action feel more real and interesting. In Lords of the Fallen, go to the settings menu and turn on the “DualSense Support” choice. This will turn on all of these great DualSense features. Besides that, you can adjust the strength of the haptic input and adaptive triggers to make the experience exactly how you want it.

Great graphics of the game for your consoles
Great graphics of the game for your consoles

Tips for Improving Your Lords of the Fallen Game Experience

Now that you’re equipped with an understanding of graphics modes and DualSense features, here are some valuable tips to enhance your overall experience in Lords of the Fallen:

Be Patient

Lords of the Fallen is renowned for its challenging gameplay. Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself facing numerous defeats. Patience is key. Keep honing your skills and learning from your mistakes; eventually, you’ll conquer the game’s challenges.

Take Your Time

Exploration is a fundamental aspect of Lords of the Fallen. Take a leisurely approach to the game. Explore its richly detailed world, discover hidden items, and engage with non-playable characters to uncover the game’s lore and secrets.

Experiment with Playstyles

Lords of the Fallen offers a wealth of gameplay options. Experiment with different weapons, armor sets, and playstyles to identify what suits your preferences and skills the best. The game’s versatility allows you to create a character that resonates with your unique gaming style.

Use the Environment to Your Advantage

The game world is rife with opportunities to outsmart your enemies. Lure enemies into traps, manipulate the environment to gain an upper hand, and think tactically. Resourcefulness often leads to success.


Lords of the Fallen is undoubtedly challenging, but the sense of accomplishment when you triumph is unparalleled. Don’t give up, even in the face of adversity. With dedication and practice, you can conquer the game’s trials.

Specific Tips for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

Pre order the game and get rewards
Pre order the game and get rewards

For those playing Lords of the Fallen game on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, here are some platform-specific tips to enhance your experience:

Use the Fast Travel System

Both consoles offer a highly convenient fast travel system. Don’t hesitate to use it. This feature saves you valuable time and minimizes the hassle of traversing the expansive game world.

Enjoy Swift Loading Times

One great thing about playing Lords of the Fallen on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S is that the opening times are much faster. These changes make it easy to quickly start your adventure again after dying or moving between places, which keeps you interested and involved.

Explore the DualSense Features

The DualSense controller on the PS5 offers an extra layer of immersion in Lords of the Fallen. Experiment with the different settings to discover what suits your preferences and playstyle best. These enhancements make your gaming experience even more engaging and enjoyable.


Finally, Lords of the Fallen is a great action role-playing game, and the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions are the best ways to experience this fascinating world. These platforms have modes for all kinds of gamers, so you can choose the type of images you want (Quality mode or Performance mode). You can also enjoy your game even more with the innovative DualSense controller features, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

You will not only live but also do well in this tough world if you follow the tips given. The keys to success are patience, curiosity, trying new things, and being creative. Finally, if you’re playing on a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, don’t forget to use the fast travel system, enjoy the quick loading times, and check out the DualSense features for a full experience.


How do fast travel and loading times differ on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S?

Both consoles offer a convenient fast travel system, saving time during in-game navigation. The standout advantage is faster loading times, allowing players to rejoin the action swiftly after deaths or when moving between areas.

Can I adjust the DualSense controller settings for my preferred experience?

Yes, you can fine-tune the intensity of the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to match your gaming preferences. Experiment with these settings to find what suits you best.

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