Lords of the Fallen: How to Change Your Difficulty and New Game Plus Mode


The Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus, or NG+, is a special mode that allows you to replay the game with certain progress and equipment. 

Lords of the Fallen is a thrilling game to play, and knowing how to change the difficulty level and get to the New Game Plus mode can make your adventure even better. In this article, we’ll go over the details of these features so you can make your game exactly how you like it.

The game gets difficult
The game gets difficult

The Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus Mode

New Game Plus, often abbreviated as NG+, is a special mode that enables you to replay the game with certain advantages retained from your previous playthrough. In Lords of the Fallen, NG+ allows you to start afresh, make different choices, and explore alternate story endings. It’s a fantastic way to experience the game in a new light and collect additional trophies.

When you play NG+, the game gets tougher, making it more difficult. Vestiges, which are very important to your journey, are the subject of a big change. Vestiges are not only places to rest and heal, but they also let you move quickly. In addition, you can use Vestiges to build up your character and play Lords of the Fallen with other people. In normal mode, you can choose from a number of Vestiges, but in NG+, there is only one fixed Vestige. You have to make the last few Vestiges yourself if you want to get the most out of this mode.

How to Start New Game Plus

In Lords of the Fallen, you need to have completed the game and reached one of the three different ends before you can start a New Game Plus adventure:

  • Radiant: Cleansing all the beacons.
  • Rhogar: Avoiding the cleansing of beacons.
  • Umbral: Engaging in a lengthy quest chain to enter a hidden area in the Umbral, followed by using Seedpods to eliminate specific NPCs.

Upon achieving one of these endings, you’ll unlock the Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus mode. It allows you to relive the game’s challenges with your acquired progress intact.

What Carries Over in New Game Plus?

New Game Plus grants you the opportunity to retain various aspects of your previous playthrough, including:

  • Gear and Consumable Items: Weapons, armor, shields, ranged weapons, catalysts, ammo, salts, resistance flasks, and more.
  • Stats: Your character’s level and statistics remain unchanged.
  • Currencies: Vigor currency and Umbral Scourings that you haven’t spent carry over.
  • Spells: All spells you’ve acquired or purchased are preserved in your inventory.
  • Upgraded Tools: The upgrades to your weapons, Sanguinarix flask, and Umbral Lamp are all retained.
  • Upgrade Materials: You keep your Delarium Ores, Blacksmith Runes, Umbral Eyes, and Rebirth Chrysalis (a respec item).
  • Cosmetic Items: Gestures and tincts (armor color palettes) you’ve discovered are still available for use.
Upgrade your materials
Upgrade your materials

How to Change Your Difficulty in Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen follows the rules of the Souls series, which means that players can’t change the normal hard settings. As is typical for games in this type, the game is hard to play. Though, there are things you can do to ease your journey.

Multiplayer co-op is the best way to get started with games like Souls that are similar to them. Even though the enemies, especially the bosses, are still tough, having another player with you makes battle a lot easier, which makes it more fun for people who are new to the series.

In conclusion, Lords of the Fallen New Game Plus mode is a fun mode that makes the game harder and lets you play it again with all of your hard-earned progress saved. Additionally, the game doesn’t have standard difficulty settings. However, multiplayer co-op is a good way to get used to how hard it is and start your adventure with another player.


Why would I want to play in NG+ in Lords of the Fallen?

NG+ offers a fresh gaming experience, enabling you to make different choices, explore alternate story endings, and earn additional in-game trophies.

What are Vestiges in Lords of the Fallen, and how do they change in NG+?

Vestiges act as rest points, fast travel locations, and sources for leveling up your character. In NG+, there’s only one fixed Vestige, and you must create the rest yourself.

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