Legendary Makers Jupiter Finally Brings a Picross Game on PC


A New Picross Game is now on PC and is ready to makes some waves in the gaming industry.

If you have not heard of Picross, do not worry. Picross is one of the most innovative forms of a puzzle game and we are finally getting on PC thanks to the developers Jupiter who have been working on the Picross games since the early 90s.

If you are not familiar with the developers Jupiter, do not worry. Even though they have been in the industry for the past 30 years, they only focused on games on handheld devices specifically for the Nintendo devices. Their newest entry in the Picross series is Logiart Grimoire released for the PC.

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Logiart Grimoire Art

Picross Game- Logiart Grimoire Gameplay and Legacy

The Picross Game has been in the industry for 30 years now and it is exciting news for gamers that we are getting a Picross game for the PC. This is understandable because the developers only focused on Nintendo devices so it is a bit surprising that they want to venture into the PC landscape.

The best part about the Picross Game is that there are very few games that have this concept and since there is almost no competition, it seems like Jupiter can safely enter into the PC Gaming ecosystem with their newest release i.e. Logiart Grimoire.

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Picross Gameplay

The gameplay of Logiart Grimoire is revolved around puzzle solving specifically making designs out of puzzles. Think of it as a 100 piece puzzle game but it reverse. Instead of attaching puzzle pieces, players need to reveal pieces to form a picture based on the remaining pieces. Fancy concept eh? I am surprised that no one in the industry got an idea for such a game.

This game called Logiart Grimoire by the same developers Jupiter. The gameplay of Logiart Grimoire revolves around solving puzzles to find hints. These puzzles can further be combined to unlock new puzzles and lot more content. It might not be as mind melting as you think but it definitely is challenging for gamers who love the puzzle genre. Do check out Logiart Grimoire to feel how Picross works.

Logiart Grimoire Gameplay

Also, the developers made a smart choice by including a bunch of narrative elements that blends with the gameplay concept of Logiart Grimoire. To breakdown Logiart Grimoire, the word “Logiart” loosely translates to picture puzzle and uses numbers to reveal hints. The fusion mechanic in the game mainly focuses on how the puzzles were solved and the hints from those puzzles to unlock newer and more challenging puzzles.

It can be tricky at times but the this game has an amazing reward value as you progress through the story. It blends into the story as the main character is powered by solving puzzles and becomes more and more powerful. Rinse and repeat is the best way to progress in this puzzler.

Picross Game- Blessing in Disguise for Nintendo?

As of today, a very common topic that is running among the gaming industry is the cross platform releases across various consoles. For example, Playstation exclusives are being released on the PC and various development companies are planning to release games on both consoles instead of maintaining console exclusivity. When it comes to Nintendo, the company has always existed as a separate entity and never in the topic of console wars. Such a business plan has its own pros and cons but in the large scale, the cracks are visible.

picross game
Picross on Nintendo Switch

The release of Logiart Grimoire might be a small hint that Nintendo games might also release on the PC. Who knows, we might get a release of The Legend of Zelda series or the Bayonetta games on the PC one day and that day would probably be declared as the “Gamers United” day and we might get a national holiday. (A bit optimistic eh?)

There is a Nintendo Switch version of Grounded available, to read more about it, click here.

Are all Picross Games on the Nintendo devices?

All these games are available on the Nintendo devices but a new game is confirmed for the PC.

What genre is Picross?

Picross is a puzzle game with an emphasis on pictures and art.

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