Is Grounded Nintendo Switch port right around the corner? Here’s What We Know!!


This article discusses about the Grounded Nintendo Switch port and how Microsoft handles the future of Xbox exclusives.

Grounded, which was first made available in early access in 2020 and reached 1.0 two years later, has become a well-liked title among Xbox users who enjoy survival games. The game is anticipated to expand throughout the media market, especially because a TV series is presently in preparation.

Grounded Nintendo Switch Overview

You might be wondering if the game will also be available on other platforms like the Nintendo Switch and PS5, given its recent expansion to other media. Here’s all the information you need to follow some earlier this year rumors and the Grounded Nintendo Switch port.

This is a feature of Microsoft’s new plan to make some of its Xbox-only games available on other platforms. It has been revealed that Grounded will launch on the PS4 and PS5 on April 16, 2024. That means it’ll be out on the same day as the Switch edition.

Grounded Nintendo Switch will launch on the console on April 16th, as Nintendo disclosed during the Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase event.

grounded nintendo switch
Grounded Art Cover

Grounded was first released by Xbox Game Studios and created by Obsidian Entertainment.

Only a few Xbox games are experimenting with console conversions, including this one. Hi-Fi Rush is one of the other reported titles; however, Nintendo made no announcements as of now.

Grounded Nintendo Switch Release Date

According to recent sources, Pentiment and Hi-Fi Rush will even be available on the PlayStation 5.

Nintendo did not provide a price confirmation for this new Grounded Nintendo Switch edition. A new trailer for the Switch version was featured in today’s Nintendo Direct in its entirety. I think it is high time we get Grounded! In this gripping cooperative survival-adventure game, you’ll explore a vast universe full of options to construct, explore, and survive in the garden.

Players can choose to travel alone or collaborate with up to three friends via cross-platform play, which links them all around the world. Prepare yourself for thrilling fights against swarms of enormous insects and explore the perilous wonders of the garden.

Grounded Wasp Queen
Oof, thats Scary!!

Find out who did this to you, how you were reduced to the size of an ant, and what equipment you’ll need to get home if you ever want to. Prepare to experience a new level of down to earth goodness. (Yeah, Yeah, I mean Grounded!)

Grounded Nintendo Switch (Game Review on Xbox and PC)

Grounded is quickly making a name for itself as a dominant force in the survival genre, an unquestionable success story for Xbox Game Studios, and a wonderfully enormous video game with an incredible amount of material for both new and returning players to explore on its launch day.

Grounded was one of those games that has the capability of being a sleeper hit even though it has almost no marketing. This is one of the strategies that companies use when it comes to releasing their games. Back in 2019, Respawn entertainment released a game without any prior marketing i.e. Apex Legends and that game completely changed the battle royale genre of video games. It was a risky move but paid off really well. Similarly, Grounded was a game that was released on Gamepass on day one and got along well with critics and gamers alike.

Regardless of your familiarity with survival games or your interest in this quickly growing genre, Grounded is a great new release that is well worth your time. This title has been meticulously and passionately created by a small team at Obsidian Entertainment. It becomes evident when you look at the backyard from a whole different angle, especially when you feel like the superhero Antman.

hero asset 35697a95b1e414306c4c
Grounded in-game screenshot

What is to be expected from the Xbox exclusives?

It seems like Xbox will release its exclusive games on the Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch in a timely manner.

Are there any more Xbox exclusives confirmed for the Playstation and Nintendo Switch?

Yes, as of now Hi-fi rush and Pentiment are confirmed for these platforms.

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