Limbus Company Season 4 Roadmap – What’s Coming to this great gem?


Limbus Company Season 4 Roadmap has been released and there is a lot to explore in this underrated gem of a game.

Limbus Company Season 4 Roadmap was due it’s release and since this game was released back in February of 2023 it has obtained a great fan base with around 30,000 user reviews claiming that this game has been received very well.

For people who are not familiar with Limbus Company, this is a turn-based combat game which has a deep story and lower with a lot of RPG elements. The visual style of this game is reminiscent of a novel and the 2D graphics are one of the best in the indie gaming industry.

Limbus Company Season 4 Roadmap
Limbus Company Cover

Limbus Company Season 4 Roadmap- Breakdown

There are four different things to look out for in the Limbus Company Season 4 Roadmap update and we are going to break it down in this article. Firstly, chapter six of the main story is released which gives more context to the overwhelming plot of this game.

The name of the chapter is called the heartbreaking which can be interpreted in a lot of ways. The developers also made sure that this chapter is fully voiced by talented voice artists. The new content includes the Mirror Dungeon 4 which is called the Mirror of the Wuthering.

Additionally, the developers also included chapter 6.5 which is named “Time Killing Time” and it is specified that this chapter is unvoiced. This means that this chapter can be read like a novel without the background conversations or the voices.

This adds a whole new layer of interactivity as it lets the players use the voices in their heads to understand the plot. Another new content that has been added is the refraction railway line 4 also known as masquerade.

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Limbus Company Gameplay

Limbus Company Season 4 Roadmap- Upcoming Content

Do not be confused if the developers named this chapter 6.5 too. This is a whole new chapter called “Murder on the Warp Express” and it is claimed that this chapter is unvoiced too as this adds another experience to this game.

Finally, the upcoming Chapter 7 will be your main story update and the battle pass will also be updated for season 5 of this game. Chapter 7 is called “The Dream Ending” which seems like a fitting title to cover all the plot holes that this game has been teasing players with. The developers also mentioned that Chapter 7 will be fully voiced.

It is great to see that an indie game such as Limbus Company is getting new content especially in this Limbus Company Season 4 Roadmap. We hope that the developers keep up their good work and more indie games recognition they deserve.

The fact that this game is famous is because of its unique approach to storytelling and how this game can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. The gaming industry has been very innovative in recent times, and this is one of the biggest reasons for the rise in the indie gaming industry.

sddefault 10
Limbus Company Season 4 Roadmap

The developers added elements of visual storytelling which are inspired by comics and turn-based combat inspired by other familiar games. On paper, this might be a recipe for disaster, but the developers made sure to balance all the elements that this game is offering to the players.

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What is the release date of Limbus Company?

Limbus Company was released in Feb of 2023.

What genre is Limbus Company?

Limbus Company is a story based 2D RPG game.

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