Lies of P Half Moonstone Farming Guide – All Locations



You can farm Half Moonstone by slaying Dimensional Butterfly in Lies of P. Also, discover more locations to collect these blade upgrade materials.

Lies of P is an action adventure game where you play as Humanoid, Pinocchio. The goal is to save Krat City from puppets. Here, you will meet various NPCs like Gepetto and Sophia to acquire quests. There are many challenges that will take place in and around Krat city. To defeat enemies, you have to procure the best weapons like Swords, Daggers, Blunt and Greatsword.

Every weapon has weapon parts like blades that will also power up their stats. With materials, you can increase powers of all weapons in Lies of P. Half Moonstone is a weapon material that’s primarily used to increase blades of each weapon. You can farm Half Moonstone by defeating monsters and purchasing from vendors. Find out the best farming locations to collect Half Moonstone in Lies of P.

Best Locations to Farm Half Moonstone in Lies of P!

Half Moonstone is a blade upgrade material. It works well with blunt weapons and makes them even sharper. The best locations to farm Half Moonstone are,

Lies of P Half Moonstone
Enemy in Lies of P
  • Barren Swamp – Here, you can get inside the abandoned buildings and start defeating enemies and NPCs. They drop various quest and weapon items including this material. Barren Swamp entrance and nest are other best locations 
  • From the Krat Hotel, you can go towards the way where there’s a Star Gazer, search on roads and cliffs
  • Rosa Isabel Street – Here, you can defeat bosses, open boxes and briefcases, and explore the entire streets to get two to three Half Moonstone materials
  • Krat Central Station Platform – The iconic and major location of Lies of P. Here, you can defeat enemies and bosses, loot from cases and open containers 
  • Lorenzini Arcade is another best location to farm Half Moonstone and other Moonstones as well
  • Loot the material from the Dimensional Butterfly enemy in the main path of Lorenzini Arcade.
  • You can find it in Grand Exhibition Galley
  • Complete the questline, The Bottle of La Bleiwies, to get it as a free reward
  • Defeat dimensional butterfly and other puppets in Starfield Arche Abbey Entrance

These are the best locations to collect Half Moonstone in Lies of P. This weapon material is also available for purchase from the vendor Polendina in Hotel Krat. He’s also the receptionist for the hotel.

You can meet Polendina to the left side where Sophia resides. Find the trader behind the counter and spend some bucks to collect Half Moonstone.

That’s how you can farm Half Moonstone. Here’s how it is used in Lies of P,

  • Use it to upgrade blade stats by + 9 for normal weapons

That’s everything you need to know about farming and using Half Moonstone in Lies of P. 

Frequently Asked Question

Is Lies of P available for Nintendo Switch?

Lies of P is available for Consoles, PC and macOS. As of now, the game is not available for Nintendo Switch.

Can you Play with friends in Lies of P?

No, Lies of P is a single player action adventure game. There’s no multiplayer mode.

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