Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 predictions, preview, schedule, and live stream details

Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 predictions, preview, schedule, and live stream details
Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 predictions, preview, schedule, and live stream details

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Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 Predictions: Here’s a look at the 2023 Las Vegas GP preview, schedule, live stream details and our predictions for the race at the Las Vegas Street Circuit

The 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix signifies the return of Formula One racing to Las Vegas, a hiatus since the 1982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix. This event is scheduled to happen on a newly constructed street track around the iconic Las Vegas Strip. Notably, it will be the third Grand Prix on the 2023 calendar in the United States, following the Miami and United States Grands Prix. Importantly, this occurrence will be the first time since 1982 that three Formula One races are held in the United States within a single season.

F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix
F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix (Reddit)

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is making history with its scheduled start time, set to be the latest in championship history. Taking place on a Saturday at 22:00 local time (PST), the race will kick off at 06:00 in the UK and 07:00 in Europe on Sunday morning. This marks Las Vegas’ return to the Formula One calendar for the first time since 1985. The event will include free practice on Thursday and qualifying on Friday in the United States. Notably, the race’s timing, starting Saturday night in American time and Sunday morning in European time, accommodates Las Vegas’ West Coast location. The 22:00 start time is later than the usual start time in Singapore, typically at 20:00 local time.

Las Vegas GP 2023 Preview and Track

The Las Vegas street circuit spans 3.853 miles (6.201 km) and follows a counterclockwise direction, boasting 17 corners and an impressive 1.181-mile (1.900 km) straight section. The circuit commences in a previously acquired parking lot, a $240 million investment by Formula One for the creation of pits and paddock areas, including a permanent track. Beginning with a hairpin turn, the course then gently curves left, leading into a high-speed right turn, seamlessly transitioning from the permanent circuit to the city streets.

F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix
F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix (Twitter)

The race unfolds as the cars cover a distance of 0.50 miles (800 m) along Koval Lane. They navigate a deliberate 90-degree right turn, followed by a lengthy, sweeping left curve around the recently constructed Sphere arena. The course then leads into a modified left-right twisty section, deviating from the original design, and proceeds to a slightly faster left turn that smoothly transitions onto Sands Avenue. Racing through two rapid bends on Sands Avenue, the track culminates in a slow left onto the renowned Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

The course includes a thrilling 1.181-mile (1.900 km) flat-out section, comprising two straights and a gentle sweeping left, offering a scenic view of some of Las Vegas’ most renowned hotels and casinos. Following this, the circuit maneuvers through a challenging series of slow corners onto Harmon Avenue, progressing down a 0.50-mile (800 m) straight. The lap concludes with a high-speed left turn, seamlessly transitioning back to the permanent track beyond the pits. Notably, the pit building, spanning the length of three American football fields, boasts a 28,000 sqft video screen embedded in the F1 logo on its roof.

Las Vegas GP 2023 Schedule

Here’s how the schedule for the Las Vegas GP looks like:

Practice 1: Friday, November 17 – 10:00 IST

Practice 2: Friday, November 17 – 13:30 IST

Practice 3: Saturday, November 18 –10:00 IST

Qualifying: Saturday, November 18 – 13:30 IST

Race: Sunday, November 19 – 11:30 IST

Las Vegas GP 2023 Live Stream details

In the United States, Formula 1 fans can immerse themselves in the excitement of the sport through the ESPN network. In the UK, Sky Sports offers comprehensive coverage of the entire Formula 1 season, including practice sessions and race outcomes. On the other hand, viewers in India have access to F1 Pro TV, where they can enjoy live broadcasts of the qualifying session and the main race, along with the convenience of streaming all practice sessions and qualifying events.

Las Vegas GP 2023 Predictions

Given Max Verstappen’s outstanding recent displays, it’s apparent that he’ll be the dominant contender in this race. However, he’ll face strong challenges from competitors such as Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez among others. We believe Verstappen is poised to secure the top spot (P1), with Sainz finishing second (P2), and Hamilton is anticipated to take the third position on the podium (P3).

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