Lana and Rusev have been involved in a big storyline but the Russian took a shot at Zelina Vega recently

Lana and Rusev have been going at it for a while thanks to Bobby Lashley’s involvement.

The Ravishing Russian claims that Rusev has been unfaithful to her and Lashley has attacked the Bulgarian on many occasions.

Lana has also called out Corey Graves for his criticism of the storyline, and it seems she has her eyes on another target.

Lana married Rusev in 2016 (Image credit: Getty)

Zelina Vega came out in the clash against Andrade and Seth Rollins on Raw. She wore a rather shiny outfit and claimed she was the best dressed and the best looking on the night.

That didn’t sit well with Lana, who had another Rusev angle on the show. The Ravishing Russian suggested that her Versace dress was better than Vega’s.

Vega doesn’t take things lying down

The former NXT star didn’t appreciate the comments made by Lana and lashed out at the Russian.

Vega claimed that Lana’s acting was “awful” and that the Russian wasn’t special at all.

Zelina Vega
Zelina Vega has been beside Andrade for the duration of their careers at WWE (Image credit: WWE)

The words continued flying from Lana’s end as she went on to say that Vega needed an acting coach too.

The Russian also claimed that Vega’s style was “cheap” and she would be burned alive if Lana was targeted again.

That wasn’t the end of the story as a fan suggested that Zelina Vega was better than Lana.

The Russian highlighted that she had more social media followers than Vega but she was willing to speak about her rival to “spread love”.

Lana kept on posting updates throughout the day and even claimed she was actually trying to help people and ended up getting attacked instead.

The Russian has defended her storyline in recent weeks and has kept claiming that Rusev has been in the wrong.

She has also been seen with Lashley at several shows, and has attacked her husband too.

Survivor Series heats up

Andrade had a shot at replacing Rollins in the Raw men’s Survivor Series team, but the match didn’t go as planned.

There were several attacks during Raw and the same took place at the recent NXT episode too.

It will be interesting to see which brand comes out on top in the biggest Survivor Series in recent years.


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