Jade Cargill salary: Estimating stunning star’s pay after blockbuster move from AEW



Jade Cargill salary: Cargill was offered a huge deal by AEW but the new WWE star might be making a bit less than the biggest names in the promotion 

The wrestling world saw a huge switch as Jade Cargill allowed her contract to run down. The former AEW star decided to join the biggest company in the world, WWE, and that has attracted a lot of attention.

Cargill was one of the top talents on AEW, and one of their greatest products ever. She had an incredible run of winning 60 matches, and AEW projected her as a stalwart of the company.

Jade Cargill has signed a long contract with WWE
Jade Cargill salary is an interesting term (WWE)

However, she decided to make the switch over to WWE, and invariably, there are questions about her contract and salary at the company.

Cargill was the first talent signed by WWE after the huge TKO deal, and there are some rumours about how much she was making at AEW.

Reports suggest that Jade Cargill made $350,000 per year as a salary on AEW. That’s a pretty sizeable amount and this was higher than the average for most AEW stars.

Jade Cargill salary
‘Jade Cargill salary’ was one of the biggest search terms when she moved from AEW to WWE (Jade Cargill Twitter)

However, some reports even estimated that Cargill made $1million per year on AEW, given how she was one of the biggest talents in the promotion.

Tony Khan tries hard to keep hold of rising star 

Jade Cargill is pretty young in the wrestling business, but she has a high ceiling and is nowhere near her potential. 

So it comes as no surprise that Tony Khan tried his best to keep Cargill on AEW. The AEW President spoke about an offer he made to Cargill, and he even raised it to match what she wanted, but the female star turned it down.

Tony Khan AEW
Tony Khan

During the AEW WrestleDream post-show media scrum, Khan confirmed his negotiations with Cargill had failed (h/t WrestleZone):

“I knew Jade’s contract had been ticking down and we were talking about a new contract. I was very interested in Jade coming back and we were having a negotiation. 

“We made a very big offer and I thought it was a very fair offer. She was considering it and then she asked for a bigger offer. I went up again and I thought that was going to do it. It didn’t, and I was surprised because to be honest, I came up to a number that was higher than her original ask.

Khan added that he was surprised at Cargill turning down this offer, but he did want to give his former star a proper send off.

Jade Cargill salary: Decoding how much Jade Cargill is making at WWE

As for ‘Jade Cargill salary’ at WWE goes, there are some rumours that she is making good money despite just joining the company.

The Wrestling Observer (H/t WWF Old School) suggests that Cargill is making more money than a newcomer in the promotion.

They confirmed that this money isn’t similar to a top talent such as Charlotte Flair or Becky Lynch, who both earn in the millions per year.

It’s safe to assume that Jade Cargill salary is more than $500,000 and possibly even more than $1million per year. 

Cargill is yet to make her appearance in WWE, but reports suggest that she will be fast tracked and could make her debut on either Raw or SmackDown. 

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