Did Edge go to AEW? Former WWE star makes huge impact at AEW WrestleDream 



Former WWE star Edge made an appearance on AEW WrestleDream and he seems to be part of the roster 

Former WWE star Edge made a shocking appearance at AEW WrestleDream, which has gotten a lot of people talking.

The former WWE star had been out of contract for a while and had spoken about receiving an offer too.

However, Edge confirmed that he was thinking about the offer from WWE and had not signed yet.

Edge at AEW WrestleDream
Edge at AEW WrestleDream (Twitter)

The Rated-R Superstar is one of the biggest names in the history of wrestling, and made a comeback after more than a decade out with injury.

He failed to win the big titles in WWE but did win the Royal Rumble in 2021. Edge also had some memorable matches during his second run in WWE, but it seems to be time for a new chapter.

Edge made his appearance after the Darby Allin vs Christian Cage match, and it was quite an AEW debut for him.

What did Edge do at AEW WrestleDream? 

Christian Cage had retained the AEW TNT Championship in a two-out-of-three falls match.

It was 1-1 before Cage resorted to some cheating to get the better of Allin. He was then set to attack Allin and even Sting before Edge’s music played out.

The crowd went wild as Edge used his famous Metalingus theme from his WWE days. Everyone knew who was going to come out, and it was quite an ovation for the Rated-R Superstar. 

It seemed set that he be joining Christian’s team as the pair have quite a relationship. They are great friends outside of the wrestling business, and even were a tag team during their WWE days.

Furthermore, Edge and Christian created a lot of content for WWE when Edge was unable to wrestle. However, there was another shock to come from the WWE legend. 

Instead of helping out his friend and joining the faction, Edge turned on them and attacked everyone in Cage’s faction. 

Christian was able to leave unharmed, mostly, but the rest of his team bore the brunt of Edge’s rage.

That wasn’t it all for Edge. He seemed to join forces with Sting and Allin or at least, had a moment of respect for them after saving the duo from Cage.

This is a huge signing for AEW after they lost Jade Cargill to WWE recently. Edge coming to AEW is going to be interesting, but one thing is set, there will be carnage and mayhem with the Rated-R Superstar on the roster. 

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