Edge seems to have created a lot of confusion regarding his status but has he left the WWE?

WWE Superstar Edge is one of the greatest to have graced the world of wrestling. The 49-year-old has won 31 titles in his WWE career and even came back from retirement after almost 10 years in 2020.

He has been on and off in WWE for a while but it seems his time could be coming to an end in the company. 

Edge vs Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel (WWE)

He had his last match on SmackDown on 18 August and he has not been seen on WWE since. The WWE star fought Sheamus in his last fight and provided an update on his future. He claimed that he was offered a WWE contract extension but is thinking about his future plans. 

While this seemed like Edge was still open to continuing his WWE run, an update from PWI seems to have added to the confusion about his position.

The report claims that Edge (Adam Copeland) was removed from the internal roster of the promotion (h/t F4W Online).

However, the WWE star has been added back but he isn’t listed on either the Raw or SmackDown brands. 

The report adds that Edge is now seen as a miscellaneous member of the roster. This position is for those who are not working for WWE but are contracted to them.

Some of the names who are on this list include Braun Strowman, Titus O’Neill, Big E, The Undertaker and even Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Is Edge headed to AEW?

This update from PWI hasn’t been confirmed by WWE, and it is interesting to note that not much has been said by either the Edge or WWE about the wrestler’s current situation.

AEW will always be a big option for any former WWE Superstar. We have seen many make the switch and become popular.

While the relaxed scheduling of AEW and the potential to take up other projects is a bonus to regular WWE stars, Edge was already on a limited schedule and would not do every weekly show of SmackDown or Raw. 

Edge could join AEW where his best friend, Christian, has been doing an excellent job. This would be quite a return as Christian and Edge did meet up in the Royal Rumble a few years back.

Edge and Christian running amok in AEW would be something incredible. There are several storylines that AEW could run with the pair of friends. 

He could still stick with WWE and there are several projects he could do with the promotion which doesn’t involve wrestling. 

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