Here’s a look at where and when you can buy NBA superstar James Harden’s new wine collection as it releases soon.

NBA star James Harden and Accolade Wines have collaborated to launch J-Harden, his first range of trademark wines. The equity partnership, which is a joint venture with Accolade Wines’ Jam Shed brand, will launch on 1st September and will be sold online and at top retailers across the US. Its core goal is to increase customer access to a high-quality wine.

Philadelphia 76ers superstar Harden is spending the summer in his hometown of Los Angeles after regaining his health in the offseason. Harden is anxious to leave the past behind as he unwinds barefoot in a fully furnished, nine-bedroom, 14-bathroom rental estate set on a hillside above Beverly Hills with breathtaking views extending to downtown LA.

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Harden has already travelled down the business road after making a name for himself in the NBA. One of the NBA’s top scorers owns interests in the sports drink firm BodyArmor, the body and skin care line Art of Sport, and the sock manufacturer Stance in his investment portfolio.

The first two wines in the collection, a California Cabernet Sauvignon and a California Red Blend, will be sold for US$16.99 each and will be marketed by Vivino, Go Puff, Bevmo, and HEB.

“The creative direction, design, and style of the wine will also be influenced by Harden and his team.”  According to a press release, “J-label HARDEN’s will include the resemblance of Harden’s trademark beard with vibrant colors and a flower pattern inside a silhouette of Harden’s face.”

“Harden aims to share his personal wine journey with fans on his social media accounts and present J-HARDEN to stores and buyers globally,” reads a statement from the 10-time NBA All-Star and third-leading 3-point shooter in NBA history.

Customers may sign up for first-release access to J-HARDEN at, which is available in a California Cabernet Sauvignon and a California Red Blend. Beginning on September 1, 2022, it will be accessible for purchase online and in renowned merchants all throughout the United States. Vivino, Go Puff, Bevmo, and HEB are a few distributors. $16.99 is the suggested retail price.

In order to create the J-HARDEN label, Accolade Wine partnered with Jam Shed, a well-known international brand. According to Neilsen Scantrack, Jam Shed is the second-fastest growing wine brand in the United Kingdom.

J-Harden represents a Reflection Of NBA star’s Personality

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The NBA star will launch his own wine label, J-HARDEN, in collaboration with Accolade Wines. The goal of the equity partnership is to increase consumer access to a high-quality wine.

According to a news release, Enrique Morgan, Accolade’s Managing Director of the Americas, said, “We share James’ commitment to opening up the wine business to the public. Anyone who takes up a bottle of J-HARDEN will feel the great energy and passion that James contributes to our relationship.”

Among his many other business ventures, Harden already owns restaurants, gyms, and a stake in a tequila firm. He has a curious nature and just became interested in wine.

Harden spoke with the AP about his impending J. Harden x J Shed wine partnership, which will be released in September. Bold colors, his visage in sunglasses, and his distinctive beard are all included on the label. The cost of a bottle ranges from $14 to $18.

“I wanted to distinguish out and be unique when I chose to enter the wine industry.” In an exclusive statement to AfroTech, James Harden said, “I want my label to have flair. More of our culture is needed in the sector overall. I believe I have the appropriate partners and the right partners to establish J-HARDEN wines as a premier brand beginning in the US and moving forward. I want this brand’s vibe and the wine to complement one another. You’ll then fall in love with the flavour.”

The 32-year-old, famously bearded native of California, claims that team dinners and card games encouraged him to develop a love of wine (Harden’s Houston Rockets teammates Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul are ardent wine enthusiasts; former Rockets owner Leslie Alexander also once owned a vineyard and established Long Island’s Société du Vin wine club).

According to Harden, he had been thinking about the potential in the wine industry for a while before deciding to launch the J-Harden x J-Shed brand alongside Jam Shed, a winery that is a member of Australia’s Accolade Wines portfolio. For Harden, the label is the focal point and a key component of his strategy for differentiating himself on store shelves.

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