Is Renee Young set to leave WWE for rival promotion AEW?


Rumours are running wild of Renee Young leaving WWE but could she be AEW bound?

Renee Young seems to have put in her papers as she wants to leave WWE. Rumours suggest that the Canadian will leave WWE after SummerSlam 2020, but no official news has come out as of yet.

Young grew into her role in WWE after coming on NXT initially. She hosted several interviews and then was able to make it on the main brands.

Renee Young seems to be a fan of UFC
Renee Young is a presenter on WWE (WWE)

Young also hosted several talk shows on WWE and was part of Backstage before it was cancelled on Fox. However, it seems that the news of her leaving has caught the attention of many WWE officials too.

Paul Heyman, who is one of the biggest names in WWE, posted an emotional message on Instagram. The Advocate of Brock Lesnar also spoke about what the future holds for Young, and that provided a subtle hint at where she is off to next.

AEW calling or something else in the works?

Young joining AEW could make sense given that her husband, Jon Moxley, is one of the biggest names in the promotion.

Moxley is a former WWE star and the couple met up in the promotion before getting married. Mox is also the AEW World Champion and Young is one of the best people on the microphone.

However, Heyman’s message seems to highlight that she wants to try and pursue other projects.

Young recently posted an update of a new cookbook coming out, and that could be something she is keen on continuing and working on.

Further, she is a fantastic host and there could be some other projects up her sleeve. The coronavirus pandemic has also led to many shows taking place from the comforts of home, and Young could also been keen on doing something on the streaming platforms or YouTube.

AEW would be a decent enough career move for her, however, they are full of top talent behind the microphone.

Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross and Taz are fantastic doing that role. They have several people doing backstage interviews too and also have Jennifer Decker doing a recap of AEW after Dynamite.

Renee Young tested positive for Covid-19 recently
Renee Young with husband Jon Moxley

While she would be able to travel with Moxley regularly on AEW, there are many people already doing a similar role.

This could be an exciting time for Young and it will be interesting to see what happens after SummerSlam.

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