Is Mahershala Ali leaving the Blade reboot? Explaining Marvel’s issues regarding the $100m movie


All you should know about Mahershala Ali leaving the Blade Room and taking a deep dive into Marvel’s issues regarding the $100 million movie

Mahershala Ali was ready to leave Marvel’s Blade Room over scrotch issues. In an article from Variety, it was said that he was willing to part ways from the Blade Room due to script issues.

Mahershala Ali was selected to be cast as the iconic character years ago, but nothing has been finalized yet about the movie.

The story has gone through at least three writers, and the script is getting changed time and again, causing a lot of issues for Ali, which is why he was willing to exit the Blade Room.

Let us take a deep dive into the issues associated with the $100 million movie.

Mahershala Ali
Mahershala Ali (Twitter)

Explaining Marvel’s issues regarding the $100m movie

Mahershala Ali was willing to exit the theater because the movie’s script has become a narrative led by women, it is filled with life lessons, and nothing has come to fruition yet.

It’s hard to understand why life lessons should be used as an element, but if Ali’s character were not used as the main character, then it would not sit right with the movie’s concept.

There have been multiple hints in the past that Ali was willing to leave the Marvel franchise because of delays and script issues. Marvel’s CEO, Kevin Feige, has hired Logan writer Michael Green.

There are a few perks to this: the budget allotted to it will not be more than $100 million, and Green will rewrite the script from scratch. The movie is expected to be released on February 14, 2025.

In February 2021, Bassam Tariq and Stacy Osei-Kuffour were hired to write the script, and Bassam was hired to direct the movie.

He was later replaced by Yann Demange, and now Green will be born in 2023. The delay in filming the movie was due to the protection that is going on by the Writers Guild of America and now the SAG AFTRA strike.


After an extreme delay, Mahershala was willing to step away from the franchise, but after changing the script countless times and now with Green’s entry, things are expected to get better.

The movie has a budget to fit into all the other aspects of the movie. The movie Blade’s concept revolves around Blade, who is a vampire hunter, and his main goal in life is to get rid of vampires from the world using his wide range of skills.

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