Is Jade Cargill trans? When WWE star lashed out at rumours of her sexuality 

Is Jade Cargill trans?
Jade Cargill made a big name in AEW

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Jade Cargill has a male partner and has given birth to a daughter, and she slammed rumours of being trans 

Is Jade Cargill trans?
Jade Cargill made a big name in AEW

Jade Cargill recently made big news by joining WWE after leaving AEW. The former TBS Champion is one of the biggest names in the business and became a free agent.

There were a lot of rumours of Cargill joining WWE, and that move was made yesterday. WWE, Triple H and several other WWE stars posted about Jade Cargill signing a contract with WWE, and she seems to be an amazing talent for the company.

Cargill is not only known for her silver hair but also her incredible physique. She is one of the female stars who is built really well, and for some reason, this is a chance for a few to question her sexuality.

Jade Cargill has signed a long contract with WWE
Jade Cargill during a training session in WWE (WWE)

Early on in her career, during her time in AEW, some believed she was trans and others questioned whether she was a man.

This crazy question is something that other female WWE stars have had to deal with. One of the big names to be called out like this is Rhea Ripley. Ripley, like Cargill, does have a lot of muscle, but that is still no reason to question their sexuality.

Cargill, however, lashed out at some of these wrestling commentators. She posted a tweet a few years back and confirmed that she was born a woman and she was not trans. Cargill further went on to say that she even had a child

Cargill certainly has put these rumours behind her, and she is now set to start a new chapter in her wrestling career.

WWE female star welcomes Jade Cargill to company 

Charlotte Flair is another star who has been called out from some quarters for her muscular build, and she would be quite an opponent for Cargill.

However, Cargill probably will take some time before making her WWE debut, and she was seen in the Performance Center recently.

Sasha Banks and Bayley after losing their titles at WWE Payback
Bayley and Sasha Banks after losing at Payback (WWE)

Cargill is one of the top names in the business, and WWE has done a lot of PR work to welcome her.

One big name that actually tweeted out to her is Bayley. The 34-year-old is the leader of Damage CTRL but she is one of the greatest to have come up from NXT.

Bayley has won nearly every single title that is there to win in WWE, and she was quick to welcome Jade Cargill.

Bayley also spoke about beating Charlotte Flair up, and Jade Cargill had some great words for her.

When will Jade Cargill make her WWE debut?

This is the big question because Cargill might be too big to start her off on NXT. She probably will spend a month or two training up in the PC.

WWE doesn’t need to create a new persona for Cargill too as she already has all the tools at her disposal to become one of the best in the world.

She does have a long-term contract with WWE, and they have enough time to ensure that Cargill’s debut is at the right time.

Flair, Ripley, Becky Lynch, and even Bayley, would all be great opponents for Cargill. 

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