Rhea Ripley rips into fan after she is called a man on social media

Rhea Ripley WWE NXT preview
Rhea Ripley is a former NXT Women's champion (Image credit: WWE)

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Rhea Ripley ripped into a fan calling her a ‘man’

WWE star Rhea Ripley was angered at comments made by a fan regarding her being a man.

The Aussie was again targeted for her appearance by a fan on social media. Ripley posted a picture of her with two other friends. However, the fan joked that he initially throught Ripley was a ‘dude’ and later realised it was the WWE star.

Rhea Ripley WWE NXT preview
Rhea Ripley is a former NXT Women’s champion (Image credit: WWE)

Ripley, however, wasn’t taking such abuse lightly. She called out the fan and even asked the fan to “grow up” and “be better”. The Aussie also went on to say that if the fan didn’t have anything good to say, then better say nothing at all.

The Aussie is one of the top stars on NXT and is a former champion. She rose up the ranks pretty quickly and snatched the title from Shayna Baszler.

However, this isn’t the first time Rhea Ripley has been called a man. The Aussie has called out fans in the past and it is sickening that something like this continues even today.

Demetri Action Jackson also hit out at the fan, and Ripley’s boyfriend brought up how much online bullying takes place these days.

Shirai beats Ripley, Flair

Io Shirai defeated Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley in a Triple Threat match at NXT TakeOver: In Your House on Sunday. The Japanese won the title for the first time and celebrated wildly.

It seemed that Flair would win the title as she had Ripley in a figure-eight leg lock. However, Shirai dropped a moonsault from out of nowhere and got the pin to pick up the title.

Charlotte lost her title to Io Shirai
Charlotte lost her title to Io Shirai (WWE)

Charlotte and Shirai posted after the match with the Japanese being ecstatic. However, Charlotte was happy at having faced the two NXT stars and went on to highlight how great the women’s division has been on NXT over the years.

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