NBA analyst Shannon Sharpe believes LeBron James and the Lakers can get back to the summit if they sign Kyrie Irving.

In preparation for the next season, LeBron James and the LA Lakers are attempting to regain their position as contenders for the NBA Championship. The front management has changed as well as some members on the roster, but Kyrie Irving’s trade rumours to LA still won’t go away.

Shannon Sharpe discussed how adding Kyrie Irving will significantly boost the Lakers’ chances in the next season on “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.” Sharpe discussed how LeBron James could hold onto Irving when they were the Cleveland Cavaliers with all the baggage that came with him.

“You accomplished all of that at the age of 20, won MVP awards, and said, ‘Yeah, I’m going to pass Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar), but it certainly will be good to pass him in a season where we’re headed for the title, which I can see happen if we get old Kyrie,” said Sharpe. “You can’t (trust Irving), but LeBron was capable of maintaining him on track for some reason. On the track, for sure.

Irving has a one-season left on his Brooklyn Nets deal. After the two sides could not agree on a new long-term contract, he will be an unrestricted free agency in the summer of 2023.

However, the Nets are unwilling to discuss any trades involving Irving as they continue to ask questions about Kevin Durant’s future. The team believes that Brooklyn will succeed in running it back this year. But if it gets to that point, the Lakers are still the clear favourites to sign Irving.

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Kyrie Irving, a guard with the Brooklyn Nets, had a chance to leave Brooklyn and join another team earlier in the summer. Although Irving exercised his player option, worth over $36 million, the LA Lakers were considered the favourites to sign him using their midlevel exception.

A deal between the Lakers and Nets for Irving is still possible. To make the wages work, the Lakers may acquire Joe Harris and possibly Russell Westbrook in exchange for Irving. If this happens, Westbrook and Durant will pair up once more. However, the Nets never indicated that they would consider this move.

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