How to Use Zenless Zone Zero Combo System


If you are thinking to try out the upcoming game, Zenless Zone Zero then you must first understand the Zenless Zone Zero Combo System.

Zenless Zone Zero is a groundbreaking urban fantasy action role-playing game made by miHoYo. It takes you on a thrilling adventure into the heart of the post-apocalyptic metropolis. Zenless Zone Zero drops players into a world that has been destroyed. They are thrown into a once-thriving city that is now being attacked by Ethereal beings from other worlds. As a Proxy, it’s your job to find your way through the dangerous Hollows and put together a strong team to fight the attackers. 

Before going into war, it’s important to put together a strategic team. Up to three Agents can work for you, and each has their own special skills. To get the most out of their skills and perform devastating combos, you need to be able to quickly switch between them. This guide will explain in detail the Zenless Zone Zero Combo System, giving you the power to defeat the Ethereal and other enemies that pose a threat to New Eridu. If you like Genshin Impact then you will definitely like this game too.

Sign-up to the game
Sign-up to the game

Zenless Zone Zero Combo System: Understanding Health Points (HP)

Health Points (HP) are very important for your Agents to stay alive in Zenless Zone Zero. The HP tells you how healthy they are in battle or in the Hollow. If all of your Agents’ health is gone, it means a critical situation, and you will be automatically taken out of the fight or Hollow that is going on. Basically, keeping your HP high is important for keeping your team engaged and successful over time.

Energy Mechanics in Zenless Zone Zero

Energy is a valuable resource that fuels the abilities and actions of your Agents in the game. Here’s a breakdown of how Energy works:

Energy Gain Over Time

Agents naturally gain energy over time while they are actively on the field. This process is influenced by their Energy Regeneration stat.

Energy Generation through Actions

Basic attacks, dodge counters, and dash attacks performed by your Agents contribute to the generation of energy. There are offensive and defensive uses for these movements, and they also help keep your team energized for the next move.

Energy Boost from Supply Chests and Defeated Enemies

Breaking supply chests scattered throughout the game and collecting energy matter dropped by defeated enemies are additional ways to boost the energy levels of your entire squad. It’s a strategic move to capitalize on these opportunities during battles.

Individual Energy Bars for Each Agent

Each Agent operates with their own energy bar. To optimize your team’s performance, it’s advised to cycle between Agents, ensuring that you make effective use of each individual’s energy reserves. This dynamic approach enhances your team’s overall efficiency and adaptability during combat scenarios.

Characters in the game
Characters in the game

Zenless Zone Zero Combo System: Daze Mechanism

Daze is a critical element in Zenless Zone Zero, influencing the flow of combat. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Increase of Daze

When your Agents successfully land hits on enemies, the enemies get a status called Daze. This serves as a meter that builds up over time as your team engages in combat.

Stun Effect at 100% Daze

When the Daze meter reaches 100%, enemies become stunned. This status renders them temporarily unable to move and significantly increases their susceptibility to damage.

Unlocking Powerful Chain Attacks during Daze

While enemies are in a dazed state, your team gains the advantage of unleashing powerful chain attacks. These special moves can be devastating and are instrumental in turning the tide of battle in your favor.

Zenless Zone Zero Combo System: Basic Attack

Execution of Basic Attack

To initiate a Basic Attack, simply press, tap, and hold the appropriate key or button. This action unleashes a series of strikes, typically ranging from 3 to 5.

Variety in Basic Attack Combos

Some agents in the game offer diversity by introducing alternative moves during a Basic Attack combo. Holding down the basic attack button allows players to explore and execute these additional moves.

Primary Source of Damage

The Basic Attack serves as the primary means of dealing consistent damage across various characters. Executing full basic attack chains not only recharges energy but also inflicts substantial damage to enemies.

Zenless Zone Zero Combo System: Special Attack

Activation of Special Attacks

Special Attacks are distinctive features of each Agent. They can be triggered at any time without cooldowns.

Enhanced State – EX Skill Variant

After accumulating enough energy, Special Attacks can be executed in a special enhanced state known as the EX Skill Variant. This enhanced state comes with a heavy attack effect.

Optimal Use on Fully Dazed Enemies

Special Attacks, when used on fully dazed enemies, unlock the potential for a chain attack. Normal special attacks are generally less impactful, doing low damage and not regenerating energy. It’s advised to prioritize the empowered EX Special Attack for maximum impact.

Zenless Zone Zero Combo System: Chain Attack


Triggering Chain Attacks

When facing a stunned enemy, hitting them with a heavy attack triggers a Chain Attack. If your squad comprises two or more Agents, this becomes a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Agent’s Chain Attack Activation

The Agent’s Chain Attack starts when you press their avatar on the left or right before the countdown finishes. When used quickly after each other while the enemy is stunned, these moves do a lot of damage. For strategic benefit, it is strongly suggested that these attacks be used together.

Zenless Zone Zero Combo System: Ultimate

Decibel Rating Build-Up

Hitting enemies, executing chain attacks, successful dodge counters, and triggering Assist Follow-Ups contribute to building up the Decibel Rating gauge.

Ultimate Activation

When the Decibel Rating reaches 3,000, the Ultimate button illuminates, signaling that you can press the Ultimate key. This action clears the decibel rating and unleashes the Ultimate move, a game-changing maneuver.

Tracking Ultimate Readiness

Players can monitor their progress towards the Ultimate move through a tracker with three stages. Once it reads “Maximum,” the Ultimate is ready for deployment.

Zenless Zone Zero Combo System: Dodge

In Zenless Zone Zero, dodging is a basic skill that can make the difference between winning and losing. You can do a Dodge by pressing the right key or button. This lets your Agent quickly avoid attacks that are coming at them. This simple move gives you a lot of options for how to play.

When you use a Basic Attack during a Dodge, a Dash Attack is released, giving your defensive move an attacking twist. Also, time a Dodge just right before your Agent is about to be hit results in a “Perfect Dodge,” which shows how good you are at avoiding attacks.

A Perfect Dodge has even more benefits than that from a strategy point of view. When you quickly follow up a Perfect Dodge with a Basic Attack, you launch a Dodge Counter that does a lot of damage to your enemies. A big part of fighting finesse is this complicated dance between defence and offence.

Switching Agents

In Zenless Zone Zero Combo System, it’s important for your team to be able to change tactics, and switching between Agents is a key move. There should be at least two Agents in your team. Pressing the agent switch key will switch out the current Agent for the next one in line from the Agent bar in the upper left corner of the screen. This move is flexible, so you can use different skills and strengths depending on what the fight calls for.

Assist Attacks

Assist Attacks come into play when the Agent on the field is knocked back. This triggers another Agent’s Assist Attack window, presenting an opportunity for a reactive assist. Reactive Assists wield a Heavy Attack effect, providing a swift and powerful response that can quickly shift the tides of battle back in your favor.

Special: Perfect Assist

With The Perfect Assist, there is now an extra layer of planning. When you switch Agents right before certain enemy hits, which are shown by a flash of gold, you have to use an assist point to turn on either a defensive or evasive assist. Players can use up to three Perfect Assists in a row within a certain amount of time. This makes timing and accuracy very important.

To make this strategy feature even better, using Chain Attacks restores Assist Points, which makes it easier to do Perfect Assists. When an Agent switches in and their Assist Points are used up, they will automatically do a Perfect Dodge instead. When a Perfect Assist is used, pressing the Basic Attack or Special Attack button releases an Assist Follow-Up. This gives your team more strategy options.


How can I initiate a Perfect Dodge in Zenless Zone Zero?

Timing is crucial. Dodging right before your Agent is about to be hit triggers a “Perfect Dodge.” This advanced maneuver showcases your mastery of evasion and sets the stage for powerful counterattacks.

How do I switch between Agents during gameplay?

When you have 2 or more Agents in your squad, pressing the agent switch key seamlessly replaces the current Agent with the next one on the Agent bar in the top-left corner of the screen. This tactical maneuver allows you to adapt to changing battle dynamics.

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