How to Unlock Bender’s Shiny Gun in Fortnite X Futurama

Fortnite Bender’s Shiny Gun

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Players can obtain Fortnite Bender’s Shiny Gun for free by finding it as floor loot or purchasing it directly from Bender using Gold Bars.

Fortnite’s collaboration with the beloved adult comedy series, Futurama, has taken the gaming world by storm, introducing an array of exciting new content. Epic Games has consistently delighted Fortnite players with various collaborations, and this time they have included Bender’s Shiny Gun as part of the crossover. This potent weapon can play a crucial role in guiding players to achieve victory royale. While some items may require V-Bucks for purchase, we’ve got you covered with essential tips to unlock Fortnite Bender’s Shiny Gun for free.

Past Fortnite collaborations like FNAF, Nike, Transformers, The Witcher, and many more were amazing. This is why you should not miss out on this collab and all the challenges it has to offer.

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How to Get Fortnite Bender’s Shiny Gun 

As the collaboration between Fortnite and Futurama went live, players eagerly anticipated the introduction of new cosmetics and weapons. While most skins are available for purchase, the Shiny Gun stands out as a free addition to the battle royale. This unique weapon operates differently from conventional firearms, functioning solely on laser technology with its cooling period between shots. When wielded with precision, the Raygun can grant players a significant advantage, turning the tide in their favor during intense battles.

The good news is that the Shiny Gun will be accessible until the release of the v25.30 update, giving players approximately two weeks to take advantage of this exciting addition. To obtain Bender’s Shiny Gun, players can choose from two methods: either hope to find it as floor loot during their Fortnite adventures or directly purchase it from Bender, the iconic robot character from Futurama, using Gold Bars.

To acquire the weapon directly from Bender, players will need a minimum of 600 gold bars. You can find Bender near the docks in the southern area of Mega City, close to the launch pad. As a Mythic rarity weapon, the Shiny Gun is relatively rare as floor loot, making it more practical to opt for the purchase option from Bender.

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How Fortnite Bender’s Shiny Gun Works

Fortnite Bender’s Shiny Gun comes with Mythic rarity, making it a formidable force in the game. Its high damage output provides players with a potent tool to outshine their opponents. The weapon’s standout feature is its unique ammo-less mechanism, enabling it to unleash a continuous beam of destruction for up to 5 seconds, dealing devastating damage to the target.

However, players should be mindful of its cooling down period of 2 seconds. Careful timing and strategic use are essential to maximize its potential. Nonetheless, this minor limitation hardly diminishes the weapon’s power to silently eliminate enemies without a trace.


The addition of Fortnite Bender’s Shiny Gun has injected a fresh dose of excitement into the game. Its unparalleled ability to deal damage without conventional ammunition opens up new strategies for players to dominate their opponents. With the weapon available until the v25.30 update, it’s a valuable asset for players seeking an edge in the battle royale.

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