How to Get Nike Air Max in Fortnite x Nike Collab?

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Finding it hard to get the Fortnite x Nike Air Max? With our guide, you can find the best ways to earn one.

Ever since Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 went live, there have been new collaborations and crossover events. The Fortnite x Transformers event was launched and it’s time for Fortnite x Nike right now. Fortnite x Nike collab event has also launched a new creative island and you can play on a new Air-themed map called, Airphoria. You can find many colorful locations and unique spots on this map. 

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The collab event will be available for a couple of days. You can get several Nike-based rewards for completing challenges in this new AirMax-themed floating island. The primary reward for the Fortnite x Nike Collab is the “Nike Air Max 1’ 86 Back Bling”. Here’s how you can unlock the Nike Air Max in Fortnite Wilds.

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Steps to Acquire Nike Air Max Back Bling in Fortnite 

The new crossover event between Fortnite x Nike is titled Airphoria. You can dive into the Airphoria creative world. The code for the Nike Airphoria Island map in Fortnite is 2118-5342-7190. You can also dive into the Airphoria map through the usual Discovery tab on Fortnite. This new Airphoria Island will be available till June 27, 2023. You can explore many things and complete several tasks to run away with all Nike rewards and merchandise.

Air Max 1 is a classic product from Nike. Players of Fortnite just need to explore this creative Nike island for 10 minutes and find some missing Grails for Airie, the Sneakerhead.  Play for 10 minutes and then you can collect the Fortnite Nike Air Max reward. The reward will be added to your inventory once the Fortnite x Nike Collab event ends. 

You can also play other Nike challenges. Some Nike cosmetics are also added to the Fortnite item shop and you can purchase these limited-time rewards as well. The Airphoria is a unique map and you can find several locations. Join the Airphoria map and have fun with your friends and teammates.  The other major rewards you can unlock from the Fortnite x Nike collaboration are Airphoria Outfit Pack and Gear Bundle. These will also include several Nike-based gliders, pick axe, and other cosmetics as well.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Nike Air Max reward in Fortnite Wilds. There are new weekly challenges as well. Complete all challenges and bonus goals to unlock free XP rewards. We will come back with more Fortnite updates and guides soon.

Here’s the exclusive glimpse of the new Airphoria Island, 

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