How to Unlock All Minecraft Legends Mounts?



Mounts are your best friends in Minecraft Legends missions. Check our guide to find out the ways to unlock all mounts.

Minecraft Legends, the spin-off to Minecraft is all about exploring villages, crafting resources, and completing mob fights. The game has many resources, mobs, and animals.  The open-world strategy game has lots of side quests and you can complete them to unlock more freebies.

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To complete challenges, you will require mobs, skeletons, and mounts. You can get skeletons and mobs by defeating piglins and saving the village. But to get mounts, the process is different. You can equip mounts by taming them. You can ride on them and use them as companions for fighting piglins of Minecraft Legends.

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Every Mount has skills and abilities. There are four mounts right now and they are Brilliant Beetle, Big Beak, Regal Tiger, and Horse. Every Mount is powerful and here’s how to unlock all Minecraft Mounts easily.

Steps to Unlock all Minecraft Legends Mounts

Mounts, the powerful passive mobs are effective while traveling. You can ride fast and reach destinations in a quick time.

Minecraft Legends mounts
Mount Location

You can tame a mount by simply interacting with them. Find them on the map and approach them to climb.


The horse is the first mount of Minecraft Legends. You can unlock a horse as the default animal. The horse has basic traversal skills and you can ride across village locations on a horse. The horse is brilliant at sprinting and you can simply hop on horse after taming them.


Brilliant Beetle

Brilliant Beetle can be useful in climbing tall walls. This beetle is found in the jungle biome. You can ride on a Beetle to climb walls, cliffs, and defensive structures easily. The fall damage is effectively reduced.

Regal Tiger

Tiger runs fast and can be effective to hunt down mobs and piglins across the map. You can find purple-colored tiger mount in Dry Savanna Biome. Tiger is one of the best animals to ride in Minecraft Legends and your challenges become easy with a  Regal Tiger.

Big Beak

Big Beak is a bird and you can ride and glide to use its traversal abilities in mountains and other peak locations. Find this mount in Jagged Peaks Biome.

That’s how you can tame and unlock mounts in Minecraft Legends. If you wish to change a mount, then get to nearby locations in the village and approach them to change your mount easily.

That’s everything you need to know about Minecraft Legends mounts and their abilities. We will come back with more Minecraft Legends updates and guides soon.

Minecraft Legends is a sandbox adventure game from Mojang Studios. You need to defeat Piglins and Mobs to progress in the main story. The mobile version of Minecraft Legends is yet to arrive. Until then, you can play the game on PC and Consoles.

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