How to Play Resurgence Mode in COD Warzone 2



The new  Resurgence mode is available in COD Warzone 2. Check our guide to know the best tips and tricks to play in the resurgence mode.

COD Warzone 2 has been coming with lots of features and content. The regular updates in COD Warzone 2  have included new locations, weapons, skins, and enemies. Right now the Season 2 of COD Warzone 2 has come up with an exclusive new in-game mode named the Resurgence. The Resurgence mode is live in the game. You will get access to the new mode on the game’s Ashika Island map. The Resurgence gaming mode is a faster mode with enhanced features and updates. The missions and battles in the resurgence mode will be different from the regular Battle Royale modes.

The best feature of the Resurgence mode is that you become a spectator after getting eliminated in the matches. And again you will be able to find your enemy’s teammates after knocking them out in the resurgence mode. You can also respawn in the resurgence mode which is another advantage. With so many changes, one of the best in-game modes from COD Warzone is back to the game through the game’s season 2. To those who are not aware of the resurgence mode, here’s everything about the Resurgence mode in COD Warzone 2 along with the best tips and tricks to play in the mode.

Resurgence Mode

The Resurgence mode is the traditional and classic battle royale mode from Warzone. And the new resurgence mode in the COD Warzone 2 Ashika Island map will be faster with non-stop action and battles.

The major difference in the resurgence mode is players get eliminated and they can respawn once again if their squad helps them out. The Resurgence map in the Season 2 of COD Warzone is smaller than that of AI Mazrah and here are the best tips, strategies, and tricks to play in the resurgence map mode of COD Warzone 2.

Resurgence Mode Gameplay
Resurgence Mode Gameplay

COD Warzone 2 Resurgence Mode – Tips and Tricks

Make sure that your teammates are fighting constantly for 30 seconds after you are eliminated. This will help you to respawn and join the battle once again.

  • Have a look into the timer and cool down time of your members in the resurgence mode games.
  • Use grenades to get more kills as other basic weapons won’t be effective in the the Resurgence map mode 
  • Utilize the blue resurgence supply boxes to gain loot and resources for your members
  • Use vehicles frequently to avoid getting killed and with vehicles you can shoot your enemies faster
  • Completing the contracts and full maxed HP will be effective during the respawn time 
cod warzone 2 resurgence map 1

This is how you can play in the new resurgence mode in COD Warzone 2. The player’s limit is also reduced to 40 from 150. The battles on the Ashika Island map will be faster and intense. You can expect non-stop action and intriguing challenges in the latest resurgence mode of COD Warzone 2.

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