How To Get Wheelson Scorestreak In COD Mobile Season 3

COD Mobile Wheelson Scorestreak

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Get your hands on the COD Mobile Wheelson Scorestreak. If you don’t know how then follow this guide till the end.

With the release of the Season 3 ‘Rush’ update, Call of Duty: Mobile now has a brand new Scorestreak. It is known as the Wheelson. It is a mini-tank drone that can be controlled remotely and is equipped with an automated grenade launcher. This allows players to use it to take out multiple opponents at the same time.

It is an overpowering Scorestreak that, when used properly, can disrupt the flow of the game. It can also be used creatively to win various accomplishments in Call of Duty: Mobile which requires many kills. This is because each of these elements requires a certain number of kills. Therefore, in order to guarantee that you are getting the most out of this new Scorestreak, we have a guide on how to obtain and make use of the COD Mobile Wheelson Scorestreak.

Battle pass
Battle pass

How to Get the COD Mobile Wheelson Scorestreak

Reaching tier 14 of the ‘Rush’ battle pass in Call of Duty: Mobile will allow you to unlock the Wheelson Scorestreak once it becomes available. Even if you do not have the premium battle pass, you are still able to obtain and make use of this free reward from the battle pass.

You can check out the current Daily, Seasonal, and other events and challenges that reward you with Battle Pass EXP by going to the Events tab in the Multiplayer menu. This will allow you to quickly level up your battle pass until tier 14, at which point you can claim the Wheelson Scorestreak.

How to Equip Wheelson Scorestreak?

In Call of Duty: Mobile, the Loaout menu is where you will get the option to equip the COD Mobile Wheelson Scorestreak. And this is how you can do it:

  • Launch Call of Duty: Mobile and go to the ‘Multiplayer’ menu.
  • Simply select the ‘Loadout’ menu option, which can be found at the very bottom of the game screen.
  • Click the ‘Scorestreaks’ button.
  • You will find the Wheelson Scorestreak below.
  • Simply select the ‘Equip’ button, which is on the bottom right of the game screen.

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How to Use the COD Mobile Wheelson Scorestreak

Assuming that the COD Mobile Wheelson Scorestreak has been acquired and equipped, you will be able to use it in the same manner as any other Scorestreak in the game. This can be accomplished by racking up kills, assists, and other victories throughout the game to raise your score.


When you reach the 750-point mark necessary to unlock the Wheelson Scorestreak icon, your game screen will begin to illuminate with its glow. You must be aware that the Wheelson has a fuel gauge that depletes at an extremely rapid pace whenever you drive it or use the grenade launcher on it. You can then tap on it to get control of the Wheelson.

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