How to Get the Best Ending in Baldur’s Gate 3



A humongous 17,000 endings are there in Baldur’s Gate 3. But how to get the best endings? Which are the good and bad endings? Know everything related to the same in our guide here.

Baldur’s Gate 3 endings are crucial. As there are so many endings, you have to complete it in a better way. Some endings are good, while the rest will be bad or evil. Endings are based on your choices. Your characters will be involved in different stories in all acts and chapters. This will determine the ending as well. There will be multiple options where you have to defeat some bosses, kill enemies, and also save companions.

But all these are connected through your playthroughs and acts in Baldur’s Gate 3. Taking a choice during the ultimate end is always crucial. Of course, every Baldur’s Gate 3 fan loves to have a good conclusion and ending, but this will be based on your decisions. Some decisions are complicated and you will be left with lots of confusion. So, here’s all about endings and find out how you can get the best ending in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Best and Worst Endings

The conclusion of Baldur’s Gate 3 includes a boss battle and other small tasks. If you want to get the positive ending, then you have to make some shocking decisions. If you want to end and rule the game as an evil force, then there will not be much difficulties in taking decisions.

Baldur's Gate 3 ending

The most complicated situation arrives once you complete the boss fight against the final boss Neitherbrain. To get a good ending, you have to command Neitherbrain to demolish all tadpoles. Finally, the boss will kill itself and fall into the ocean. This is the best ending of Baldur’s Gate 3 so far. Players who don’t want a bad conclusion, can command Netherbrain to slay itself.

There are plenty of good and endings. But everyone gets some stories as a common one. Here are all major Baldur’s Gate III endings and what you can do,

Bad Ending with Dark Urge 

You have to betray the emperor and once he is killed, you will conquer the world. NPCs from all races and classes will join forces with you. There is another ending, but this time you have to take the wrong route. A situation where you have to kill the Emperor after joining forces with the Dark Urge companions.  

You have to claim the Absolute in disguise of Bhaal and also slay the emperor. Once you choose this ending, you as a child of Bhaal have to claim the brain rather than killing itself. You also have to follow the instructions of your father and escape Bhaal’s horrors. There will be small tasks where you have to fight against minions of Lord Bhaal. 

Slay the Orin minions and become the chosen descendant of Lord Bhaal. This is an evil ending and you have to demolish the world after conquering your powers from the Lord himself.

Good and Ending with Wyll Companion

Another tricky situation arrives between Wyll and his Father. Here, you have to make a smart decision to get a better ending. You will be asked to choose between Wyll or his dad. If you save one, the other one will be killed. You can proceed to save Wyll’s father as this will rejoice him and he will also get an offer from Mizora. If you reject the deal, Wyll will be saved and his father will be murdered. 

There’s no clue about Wyll’s destiny if you choose to free his father. Also, you can save both Wyll and his father. But to get this ending, you have to choose the right stories and complete more challenges. To get the best ending for this part, you have to save Wyll’s dad. There’s also a small chance that Wyll, the companion, will also be saved.

Good Ending with Gale

You can complete Baldur’s Gate 3 in Act 2 and get a positive ending. But how’s this possible? You have to befriend Gale and complete his questlines. But once you progress, there comes another two tasks. You have to slay the brain or destroy the absolute. If you are not interested in doing both, then watch Gale killing himself. Though this might be a sad ending, you will liberate all dark forces from the world.

You can become a Mindflayer in another ending. Here, the emperor tasks you to slay the Netherstones. You can politely reject the offer. Again, you have to free Orpheus, the Prince of the Githyanki. Once you save Orpheus, there will be two choices. You can either become a true hero or else you can proceed to choose to save yourself and then you have to defeat the Illithids.

Prince Orpheus will be the new Illithids and you have to defeat new enemies and save the world. Finally, you have to destroy the brain and this will get you the achievement of Ceremorphosis. 

This ending is good, but you will be a Mindflayer forever and you can’t rule the world as well. In some scenarios, Orpheus might become the chosen Mindflayer and this can turn out to be a worst case as well. Everything will be based on choices you make.

Good Ending With Karlach

Another ending where you have to free Orpheus again, but this time Karlach becomes the Mindflayer. If you decide against this, then Karlach will die and Orpheus will become a Mindflayer.

Good Ending With Gale and Mystra

Gale and Mystra will come together for another conclusion. You will receive the Crown of Karsus after beating the final boss, Netherbrain. Now you should meet up with Gale after completing Wizard of Waterdeep and meeting the Elimster Vault. You also have to read the Sorcerous Sundries vault tomes to find out some instructions. Gale will inform that he’s ready to slay the brain using the Netherese Orb. 

But, you have to reject this and  Gale will be ready to sacrifice himself. Also, he will ask about the Crown of Karsus and you can recommend giving it to Karsus. This will be another good ending in Baldur’s Gate 3, but it also comes at the sacrifice of Gale. You can skip the final battle if you wish to proceed with this ending.

These are all the main endings of Baldur’s Gate III. The choice is yours to choose from. If you wish to have a good ending, then slaying the Netherbrain will be the best option. If you want to become a dark force, then you can join hands with the Dark Urge.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the best endings of Baldur’s Gate 3. We will come back with more Baldur’s Gate 3 guides soon.

Frequently Asked Question

Is getting a good ending in Baldur’s Gate III difficult?

This is based on your characters, stories, companions and choices you make in every act and chapter. You have to befriend NPCs and complete their deals to make sure you maintain a good relationship with all. This will automatically reflect in a good and perfect ending in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Can you use Baldur’s Gate 3 Mods?

Many players have started to use mods in BG 3 as no one wants to play only limited content. Mods expand your in-game levels and stats and this makes it hard for players to avoid these mods. But using mods is always risky and it can be avoided.

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