How to Get Runestones in Ark: Survival Evolved


Here is a quick guide on how to collect Runestones in Ark Survival Evolved. With the latest Fjordur update, there is a lot of rush to collect the Runestones.

Ark Survival Evolved is an action survival where you are stranded on an island called the Ark. Ark Survival Fjordur is the sixth mod map to join the official map lineup with an incredible blend of unique creatures, adventuring base locations, and new features.

Containing 140 KM of new biomes to explore, it feels so much bigger than any mod map before it. There are 3 realms and 4 continental islands with a total of 25 dangerous caves to be explored each with its own unique monsters. The vast lands and dangerously unique creatures to tame and defeat, and the overall Nordic theme can be experienced throughout the map.

What are Runestones in Ark Survival Evolved?

Ark Survival is a game where you need to collect various drops or resources to survive, craft weapons, or upgrade gear. It depends on your gathering abilities to make it easier for you to survive on the horrifying and deadly island.

These are a type of resources that you need to collect to unlock the world bosses from their terminal. These are loot drops from various Alpha monsters. You can also get them from loot boxes in caves depending on the RNG and your luck.

Runestones Ark Survival Evolved | Mediareferee
The Runestones Ark in Survival Evolved

How to get Runestones in Ark Survival Evolved

You need to collect Runestones in Ark survival Evolved in order to fight the world bosses. In Ark Fjordur, in order to spawn world bosses, you need to collect 30 Runestones per boss. Alpha creatures drop Runestones but the drop rates depend on the level of the Alpha you killed to obtain it.

Alpha Raptor: Drops the least amount of Runestones

  • Lv5 Alpha Raptor drop 1 Runestone
  • Lv150 Alpha Raptor drops 10 Runestones

Alpha Carno: Better drops from Alpha Raptor

  • Lv5 at max drops 3 Runestones
  • Lv150 drops 19 Runestones

Alpha Megalodon: Aquatic creature

  • Lv5 drops 7 Runestones
  • Lv150 drops 33 Runestones
Map location of creatures | Mediareferee
Top left – T rex spawn, Top right – Leeds, Bottom left – Megalodon, Bottom right – Mosasaur

Alpha Leeds: This is a rather special creature as it stays at the same level

  • Lv1 will drop 15 Runestones

Alpha Rex

  • Lv5 drops 9 Runestones
  • Lv150 drops 39 Runestones

Alpha Mosasaur: Another aquatic creature hidden in the deep and very hard to kill

  • Lv5 drops 18 Runestones
  • Lv150 drops 73 Runestones

Alpha Tusoteuthis: The strongest Alpha located in the deep ocean trench

  • Lv5 drops 26 Runestones
  • Lv150 drops 100 Runestones

The other method to get Runestones in Ark Survival Evolved is by loot boxes or chests in the game. It’s more troublesome to search for boxes. So it’s simpler to just start the grind and hunt monsters.

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