How to get Monopoly Go Pickaxes


The most effective ways to acquire more Monopoly Go pickaxes include active participation in events like Tax Refund and completing daily quick wins.

Monopoly GO players, get ready. As of right now, the Egyptian Treasures event is live and promises a fun journey with dice, money, and the much-desired pickaxes to dig up valuable treasures. If you want to get the most Monopoly Go pickaxes and complete the Egyptian Treasures event before it ends on November 16, this is the best way to do it.

Get those treasures quickly
Get those treasures quickly

How to Get More Monopoly Go Pickaxes

1. Event Participation and Daily Quick Wins

Your journey to pickaxe abundance begins with active participation in Monopoly GO events. Events like the Tax Refund offer a golden opportunity to collect Monopoly Go pickaxes as you progress through their levels. Simultaneously, don’t overlook the power of daily quick wins – a consistent source of 3-4 pickaxes per objective.

2. Consistent Gameplay

While shortcuts may be elusive, playing Monopoly GO regularly is your key to amassing the most pickaxes. With no effective exploits available, grinding challenges and daily wins is the surefire way to bolster your pickaxe inventory. Time is of the essence, especially considering the limited duration of the Egyptian Treasures event.

Event Strategies for Pickaxe Enthusiasts

1. Understanding Event Rewards

Monopoly GO events offer more than just pickaxes. Dice, cash, stickers, and various prizes await those who engage actively. Take the Tax Refund event, for instance, where 185 Monopoly Go pickaxes are up for grabs from levels 1-50. While reaching the end demands dedication, the acquired pickaxes can significantly propel you through the Egyptian Treasures event.

2. Strategic Quick Wins

Daily quick wins provide a steady influx of Monopoly Go pickaxes – around a dozen per day if diligently completed. Although fewer in quantity compared to event rewards, quick wins are more accessible and can be completed within a 24-hour timeframe. Their cumulative effect ensures a substantial pickaxe reserve to tackle multiple levels during the Egyptian Treasures event.

The Art of Pickaxe Deployment in Monopoly GO

Now that you’ve amassed a formidable arsenal of pickaxes, it’s time to deploy them strategically on the Monopoly GO board. Here’s a concise guide on utilizing your pickaxes to unlock treasures and secure valuable prizes.

1. Rolling for Riches

Start your journey by moving the Monopoly GO board around. Each roll adds to your tool count, which makes it easier to find treasures that are hidden in the squares. The more pickaxes you have, the more likely it is that you’ll find rare and important prizes.

2. Tapping into Treasures

You can swing a pickaxe by tapping on the squares as you go around the board. Taking this action will uncover previously concealed riches that can be used to complete collections. However, take precautions; there are treasures buried beneath the ground that can only be uncovered by careful planning and the use of Monopoly GO pickaxes.

The tax refund
The tax refund


The Egyptian Treasures event in Monopoly GO is full of riddles that can only be solved with a pickaxe. By taking part in events, taking advantage of daily quick wins, and using your Monopoly GO pickaxes carefully, you can not only get rich in the game but also improve your chances of finishing the event. Now is the time to roll the dice, gather your pickaxes, and go find the riches that are waiting for you!


Are there specific events that offer Monopoly GO pickaxes as rewards?

Yes, events like Tax Refund provide pickaxes as rewards as you progress through their levels. It’s advisable to monitor ongoing tournaments and side events, as their respective points can also yield pickaxes.

How do I strategically deploy pickaxes on the Monopoly GO board?

Start by rolling around the board to earn pickaxes. Tap on squares to use a pickaxe, revealing treasures. Exercise caution, as some treasures are hidden beneath the surface. Strategically deploying pickaxes enhances your chances of completing collections and winning valuable prizes.

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