How to Get Feral Judgement in Remnant 2


As of the current version, Remnant 2 Feral Judgement can only be obtained by defeating the Corrupted Ravager on Yaesha.

Feral Judgement is an exceptional Melee Weapon featured in Remnant 2. These powerful gauntlets possess sharp crystal blades meticulously crafted for quick and brutal melee attacks. As you strike your enemies, Remnant 2 Feral Judgement gains empowerment, unleashing devastating power against enemies afflicted with bleeding. Once you have the Feral Judgment, you can use archetypes like Engineer, Explorer, and other hidden archetypes. Here is how you can get the Remnant 2 Feral Judgement. 

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How to Get Remnant 2 Feral Judgement

To obtain the formidable Feral Judgement, you must risk the dangerous lands of Yaesha. You will face the dreaded Corrupted Ravager, an imposing and dangerous enemy there. The key to starting the battle successfully is catching the Corrupted Ravager before it devours the innocent Doe. Initiate the confrontation by landing a well-aimed shot while it taunts and goads you. Remember that this encounter demands skill, substantial damage output, and perhaps some stagger potential.

Empowering the Feral Judgement

The true strength of Feral Judgement lies in its ability to be empowered. To achieve this state, you must consecutively deal melee damage six times within a brief span of ten seconds. Once empowered, the neutral backdash charge attacks will inflict the fearsome “Death Sentence” upon your enemies. Those unfortunate enough to be under this effect will suffer ten strikes of immense power shortly after. If they are already afflicted with bleeding, the additional damage will be devastating.

Remnant 2 Feral Judgement Weapon Mod

Remnant 2 Feral Judgement comes equipped with a potent Weapon Mod known as “Death Sentence.” This mod is automatically bestowed upon the gauntlets. To activate its effects, you must deal melee damage six times in just ten seconds. Once empowered, the neutral backdash charge attacks will apply the dreaded Death Sentence to your enemies.

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Under the Death Sentence effect, enemies will suffer from ten phantom strikes. Each strike inflicts 25 points of damage. The pain is further intensified for bleeding enemies, who will endure an additional 25% increase in damage. It’s important to note that the Feral Judgement’s Weapon Mod, Death Sentence, is permanently fixed to the weapon and cannot be removed or swapped for another mod.

Unlocking the Potential with Mutators

Unlike some other weapons, Remnant 2 Feral Judgement does not come with any built-in Mutators. However, fear not, as you can equip a Mutator in the available slot, further enhancing the potential of your Feral Judgement. In the vast world of Remnant 2, Mutators hold significant importance, serving as valuable assets in your journey.

These unique items introduce additional stats or passive abilities that increase your arsenal, allowing you to customize your combat strategies. Each weapon, including special weapons like Remnant 2 Feral Judgement, has a designated Mutator slot. It allows you to change your loadout and adapt to various challenges that lie ahead. Embrace the power of Mutators and explore the myriad possibilities they offer in customizing your combat approach.



In conclusion, Feral Judgement is an extraordinary Melee Weapon capable of unleashing relentless and devastating attacks. To obtain this powerful weapon, you must face the Corrupted Ravager on Yaesha and showcase your skill and prowess in combat. By mastering the art of empowering Feral Judgement and utilizing its unique Weapon Mod, Death Sentence, you can bring unparalleled destruction to your enemies. Additionally, do not forget the potential of Mutators, as they can further elevate the prowess of your Feral Judgement, making you an unstoppable force on your journey through the dangerous world of Remnant 2.

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