How to Get League Medals in Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans League Medals are primarily earned by participating in the Clan War League. The number of medals awarded depends on the league your Clan is in.

The League Points or League Medals that are available in Clash of Clans can be traded in for items that can be purchased in the Home Village shop. Items have been obtained through challenges such as Goblin King and Clashiversary; however, League Medals are always accessible to be obtained. 

You have the ability to use the goods you obtain by swapping them in subsequent games, which may provide you with an advantage or a new Hammer. However, if you are not familiar with the origins of Clash of Clans League Medals, acquiring them will not be a simple task. 

In addition to this, it prevents a sizeable percentage of the game’s trading from taking place. So, how to get Clash of Clans League medals, and what is the procedure for making use of them? We will learn everything about it in this Clash of Clans League Medals guide.

Get league medals by winning wars
Get league medals by winning wars

Clash of Clans League Medals Reward rules

The league that the Clan is competing in and the position that the Clan holds within the Group at the conclusion of the season are both factors that determine which players are awarded League Medals. The most number of Clash of Clans League Medals will be awarded to the player who wins the Group and finishes in first place, while each lower rank will result in a few less League Medals being awarded.

It is necessary for a player to acquire at least eight War Stars from his attacks during the Season in order for him to receive the full prize for the placement of his Clan. It is only feasible for the player to receive twenty percent of the available League Medal awards if they do not have any War Stars. In addition, players who are included in the Roster but who are not put on the War Map on any of the Battle Days are awarded twenty percent of the total Clash of Clans League Medals that are available.


Clan Leaders have the ability to provide additional Clash of Clans League Medals as a reward for Clan members. The number of players that are eligible for the Bonuses is increased by one percentage point for every conflict that the Clan triumphs in.

It is required that the Bonuses be awarded within twenty-one days following the conclusion of the Clan’s War Week. The value of a bonus, as well as the number of individuals to whom it can be distributed, is contingent upon the Clan’s League during the period of War Week. The Clan has the potential to award extra Clash of Clans League Medals to an additional individual for each and every War that it triumphs in.

How to get League Medals in Clash of Clans from Clan War League

Participating in the Clan War League is the main way by which players can earn Clash of Clans League Medals. League Medals are awarded to players subsequent to the conclusion of the Clan War League. These medals are determined by two factors: the league in which their Clan is competing and their rank within the group.

Therefore, if you want to get the greatest possible quantity of Clash of Clans League Medals, you should sign up for a Clan War League. After that, strive to assist your clan in achieving the highest possible position in the group.

What happens to the rewards if you leave the Clan?


In case that you are registered in the Roster but later quit the Clan or are expelled from it, you will still be eligible for the following programs:

  • Twenty percent to one hundred percent of the League Medal prize for placing, depending on the number of War Stars he earned
  • The Clan Leader and Co-Leaders are the ones who award the Bonus League Medals.

Clash of Clans League Medals Chart

Here’s the Clash of Clans League Medals chart so that you can understand it easily:

League or Clan PositionWinner2ND3RD4TH5TH6TH7TH8TH
Bronze III3432302826242220
Bronze II4644424038363432
Bronze I5856545250484644
Silver III7673706764615855
Silver II9491888582797673
Silver I112109106103100979491
Gold III136132128124120116112108
Gold II160156152148144140136132
Gold I184180176172168164160156
Crystal III214209204199194189184179
Crystal II244239234229224219214209
Crystal I274269264259254249244239
Master III310304298292286280274268
Master II346340334328322316310304
Master I382376370364358352346340
Champion III424417410403396389382375
Champion II466459452445438431424417
Champion I508501494487480473466459

You can see how many League Medals you can earn by winning in various Clan War Leagues by looking at the chart that appears above.

How to use League Medals in Clash of Clans?

When you use Clash of Clans League Medals, you have the option to purchase the following items:

Items you can buyLeague Medal Costs
2,500,000 Gold25
2,500,000 Elixir25
Training Potion10
Resource Potion10
Research Potion20
Builder Potion30
10x Wall Ring50
Hammer of Fighting120
Hammer of Building120
Hammer of Spells120
Hammer of Heroes165
The Warrior Statue100
The Challenger Statue250 (You must be in Gold League 1 or higher)
The Contender Statue500 (You must be in Crystal League 1 or higher)
The Master Statue1,000 (You must be in Master League 1 or higher)
The Champion Statue2,000 (You must be in Champion League 1)


What happens to the League Medal rewards if a player leaves the Clan?

If a player is registered in the Roster but leaves or is expelled from the Clan, they are still eligible for rewards based on the number of War Stars earned. The Clan Leader and Co-Leaders are responsible for awarding Bonus League Medals.

What items can be purchased with League Medals, and what are their costs?

Clash of Clans League Medals can be used to purchase various items, including resources, potions, hammers, and statues. The costs range from 10 to 2000 medals, depending on the item. Statues have additional league requirements.

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