Are you on the hunt for Super Mutants in Fallout 76? Well, you are at the right place as here are all the locations where you can go look for them.

If you have been playing Fallout 76 for a while now you would know that Super Mutants are bound to appear eventually as you progress through the game. But before they encounter you, players can also go by themselves to challenge them. If you are one of those challengers you might require a guide to help you find the locations of Super Mutant in Fallout 76, thus we are here.

Fallout 76
Fallout 76

What are Super Mutants in Fallout 76?

Super Mutants were born by the contaminated water running through Huntersville before the Great War. Those who drank this water turned into Super Mutants giving them superhuman powers. They can often be seen using handy weapons like Melee and are carnivorous in nature. They got multiplied unexpectedly and now are in large numbers scattered throughout the Lands of Fallout 76. Ever since their numbers have increased they have nearly become unstoppable in their rise.

There are different types of SuperMutants like berserker, firestarter, and Suicider.  Behemoth is yet another type of Super Mutant and is often known as a leader of a small group of Super Mutants. They can often be seen wandering in many regions on the map of Fallout 76. So you might want to look out for their base locations and where they tend to wander in the game. Thus here is a list of all locations of Super Mutant in Fallout 76.

Super Mutants in Fallout 76
Super Mutants

Super Mutants are a creature found in Appalachia. This is the same place where Fallout 76 takes place. But other than this there are many other places where you can go look for Super Mutants in Fallout 76. Thankfully, we have all the locations listed down here for you to make your work easier. But beware that if you are going to look for them they are quite dangerous enemies in the game.

Where to find Super Mutants in Fallout 76?

Here are all the locations to go look for Super Mutants if you are wanting to challenge them. You can find Super Mutants in these locations always in huge numbers.

  • Abandoned Bog Town
  • Near the house between Bolton Greens and Ingram Mansion
  • Charleston In Crevasse Dam
  • Eastern Regional Penitentiary In Grafton
  • Grafton Dam In the Grafton Steel building
  • Horizon’s Rest In Huntersville
  • In and around the National Isolated Radio Array
  • In New Gad At Nicholson’s End In the North Kanawha lookout spot
  • The General’s Steakhouse
  • West Tek Research Center

They have scattered in large numbers from ground zero to now uncountable in Huntersville. Super Mutants have occupied a massive territory in Fallout 76 and dominate the area they are based in. They don’t spare any living creatures entering their territory. They often become aggressive and ruthless upon seeing any living creatures in their territory.

Super Mutants in Fallout 76
Super Mutants in Fallout 76

Other locations of Super Mutants

These are the locations that are not majorly dominated by Super Mutants and they can be found in much lesser numbers in these locations.

  • At Federal Disposal Field HZ-21
  • Harpers Ferry
  • RobCo Research Center
  • At the Red Rocket Mega Stop
  • In and around Summersville
  • Inside Watoga High School
  • Inside the Watoga Emergency Services building

Note that these are the places where Super Mutants appear occasionally. However, given the dominance of the superhuman creature in the game, it is advisable that players are cautious in these locations as well. Super Mutants can appear out of nowhere to cause you harm.

This concludes all the locations in Fallout 76 where you can find the Super Mutants. Make sure that you are alert when they appear in these places while you are venturing out in the wild.

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