Fortnite Winterfest Event 2022 – Start Date, Free Skins & Events

Here’s everything you should know including the new content, Events, and Free Skins which will be available during the Fortnite Winterfest Event 2022.

Fortnite Winterfest 2022 is the next biggest event in the new Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 edition. During the Winterfest Event on Fortnite, players can expect new Events, Rewards, Challenges, Skins, Quests, and more. Epic Games has not yet announced the Winterfest Contents and Events, but there are a lot of speculations going around about this event. Winterfest will be the official Christmas 2022 Event for Fortnite.

The collaboration between Fortnite x My Hero Academia is also set to occur during this Winterfest event. You will unlock new free Skins during the event. Additionally, there are several Events and Quests with plenty of gifts as rewards. Here’s a detailed overview and guide on the Fortnite Winterfest 2022 event.

Fortnite Winterfest Event 2022

Till Now Epic Games hasn’t updated the Winterfest date and time officially, but the latest update is that the Fortnite Winterfest update is expected to drop soon. The Winterfest event is expected to go live on 15th Dec 2022. So, the Fortnite Winterfest 2022 Christmas Event date is December 15, 2022. You can expect many official Winterfest updates regarding the Contents and Events today, as the Fortnite v23.10 update is releasing today.

According to the Twitter handle of HYPEX (Fortnite Leaker), a major update regarding Fortnite Winterfest is expected to be released soon. Though there are no official updates on Winterfest Contents, here is what you can all expect throughout the Fortnite Winterfest Christmas event for 2022.

My Hero Academia Collaboration

Fortnite has been known for its famous Collaborations with Anime Franchises. Here comes another addition to their list. As widely rumored, Epic Games has planned to bring My Hero Academia Skins and Cosmetics to the Fortnite item shop during the Winterfest event. All the My Hero Academia Cosmetics, Outfits, and Skins are expected to be available in the Fortnite item shop till Jan 2023.

Deku the famous hero of the Manga My Hero Academia will get his Skins and Cosmetics in Fortnite, and Deku’s smash will be available. Again Toshinori Yagi or commonly called All Might, the Superhero from the fictional Anime series My Hero Academia will get his Cosmetics and Skins, which was already evident when the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 trailer glimpse was out. 

Fortnite players will receive a free cosmetic during this collaboration,  a powerful Deku Detroit Smash Mythic will be your free reward. Apart from these, many new free items will be available.

Fortnite x Die Hard Collaboration

Die Hard is the next Collaboration from Fortnite during the Christmas event. Epic Games CEO Donald Mustard already posted a tweet regarding this collaboration, now it’s almost sure that Fortnite x Die Hard Collaboration will be another event during the Winterfest 2022 event. You can expect an exclusive John McClane Fortnite skin at the Winterfest event.

Fortnite Winterfest Free Skins, Presents & Cosmetics

There are a couple of free rewards that you will unlock automatically during the Fortnite Winterfest event. Check out every reward that will be available in this year’s Fortnite Winterfest Event.

  • Guffy Mammoth Skin
  • Wintry Whirligig Glider
  • Lil’ Prancer Emote
  • Ribbon Trail Contrail
  • Arctic Adeline Skin
  • Season’s Guffings
  • Naughty or Nice
  • Sled Ready Guff Skin
  • Rip & Tear
  • Fa-la-la-Llama
  • Fractured Melody
  • When the Wind Blows
  • Sledgecracker
  • Gringle Gift
  • Slushy Sneak
  • Boom Bauble
  • Har-Har-Har
  • Slush-Faced

Fortnite x Mr Beast  Collaboration

Jimmy Donaldson, otherwise known as Mr Beast, is coming to Fortnite. The famous American YouTuber is making his debut on Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, the collaboration between Fortnite x Mr Beast will happen during the Winterfest Event. You can take part in Mr Beast Survival challenges in Fortnite from 17th Dec 2022. The best thing about this challenge is, those who win the challenges and score the highest points in the Mr Beast x Fortnite challenges will be eligible to take home a cash prize reward which is worth a mammoth $1,000,000 USD. Again players of Fortnite will be eligible to get Mr Beast Skins, Cosmetics, and Outfits. Here are some of the other Mr Beast cosmetics that will be available in Fortnite Winterfest,

  • The MrBeast Survival Games Loading Screen
  • The MrBeast Gaming Spray
  • Beast Claw Pickaxe
  •  Brella Umbrella
  • Wrapped and Revved Glider
  • Prize Package Back Bling 
  • Beast Blastin’ Emote

Crack Shot Cabin Landmark

The iconic map location from Fortnite is expected to return during the Winterfest Christmas event for 2022. The Crack Shot Cabin Landmark will be added to the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Map just like last year’s Winterfest event.

Crack Shot Cabin

Many Fortnite players have been expecting this landmark and finally, Epic Games is adding Crack Shot Cabin to Fortnite Winterfest 2022 Christmas Event. Crack Shot Cabin is like to be available for a couple of weeks.

Fortnite Winterfest Challenges, Sgt. Winter’s Holiday Big Rig with his Festive Truck, Daily Presents, Mr.Beast Icon series, Weekly Quests, and Free Rewards are the other content for the Fortnite Winterfest Event 2022. The event will commence on December 17, 2022. More updates about the Fortnite Winterfest Event for 2022 are expected from Epic Games soon.


That’s everything about the Fortnite Winterfest Event 2022. Fortnite Winterfest Event 2022 Contents, Rewards, Skins, Collaboration, and more Updates have been shared. The Fortnite Winterfest Event begins on 17 Dec 2022, check on the Epic Games page for more updates about the Winterfest Event 2022. You can take part in all the challenges and win new Rewards, Skins, and Cosmetics from the Fortnite Winterfest Event. We will be back with more updates about the Fortnite Winterfest Event. Till then, you can complete all the current pending quests and challenges for this week.

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