How to find Keys in Fortnite and Open Vaults – Chapter 3 Season 4

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Don’t know how to find the Fortnite vault keys in Chapter 3 Season 4? Do not worry, our guide will help you out with this.

This time around, Fortnite has reintroduced vaults, but the way they are opened has been slightly changed. In case you do not know what it is, vaults are a great place to gather loot for your entire squad in one place. To access all the nifty loot in these vaults, you will need a key, which can be found in different locations on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

There were a few ways you could open Fortnite vaults before, but now, it’s a bit more difficult. You have to collect keys to unlock each vault. In the past, it was so simple. All you had to do is stand idly in front of a vault so you could be scanned. In addition to having to collect keys, the vaults are also much harder to find now. Do not worry, we are here to tell you how to find Fortnite Vault Keys. 

Fortnite Vault
Fortnite Vault

How to find Fortnite Vault Keys 

It is easy to find the Fortnite Vault Keys on the ground, in chests, and even in supply drops, just like you can find many other Fortnite items. Finding the keys is relatively straightforward, and there is no hard and fast rule for finding them. However, one should keep a few points in mind when searching for them.

A Fortnite island’s keys are available in accordance with the number of vaults on the map. You will be able to find multiple vaults easily on the island if the game algorithm spawns a large number of keys. You will find it difficult to find vaults on the map if there are few.

It is randomized loot that drops anywhere. This can actually be helpful since players won’t know where to find them. However, on the other hand, this makes it slightly harder to find them. According to Epic Games’ website, keys are likely to drop frequently in Fortnite, so you probably have a decent chance of finding them in the wild. Some vaults in Fortnite actually require more than one key to open.

How to open Fortnite Vaults

The easiest part is finding each vault. You just need to find a key and pick it up, and you’re already well on your way to opening them. You see, once you’ve collected your first key, your minimap will automatically update. It will now show little lock symbols all over the map. These locations are where you can open a vault.

Your map’s vault symbols will indicate how many keys you need, so it is easy to figure out how many you need. One key is needed if there is only one keyhole. You will need two keys if there are two holes. Once you get to the vault of your choice, you have to interact with it, and it will open. Having opened your first vault in Fortnite will earn you a new achievement.

Fortnite Vault
Fortnite Vault

All Vault Locations

Vaults in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 do not have a fixed spawn location, but you can still find them on the map. When you collect a key, you’ll see a keyhole sign on your map that leads you to the vault. Players can now find Vaults floating in the air instead of underground, unlike in previous seasons.

This was everything you needed to know about the Fortnite vault keys. Hurry up and find your vaults as soon as possible.

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