How to Find Enhanced Drum Shotgun in Fortnite

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Uncover the Enhanced Drum Shotgun in Fortnite. Our guide provides the details you need to track down this weapon and gain an edge in intense battles.

Fortnite has been adding tons of weapons in Chapter 4. Right from Shotguns to Assault Rifles, there are many unvaulted weapons in the game.  Shotguns have always been an explosive weapon. There are a plethora of Shotguns in Fortnite and Drum Shotgun is an elite weapon that was added in Season 9.

Drum Shotgun was launched in all rarities and players were able to deal over 50 DPS on average. A fully automatic Shotgun that’s also fast firing and holds excellent accuracy as well. Drum Shotgun has become an iconic weapon and Fortnite launched an Enhanced version of the same in the latest Wilds edition. Enhanced Drum Shotgun is a powerful addition in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. This is also a Mythic version of the regular Drum Shotgun.

Enhanced Drum Shotgun was launched in the game’s new v25.00 update. It’s an excellent weapon that can tackle close-range and long-range enemies. However, players are finding it hard to unlock this version of the Drum Shotgun. Here are the best ways to find and unlock the Fortnite Enhanced Drum Shotgun.

Steps to Unlock Enhanced Drum Shotgun in Fortnite

Enhanced Drum Shotgun is a rare weapon and there’s only one way and location to get it. You can find this incredible weapon in the new Rift from POIs in Floating Islands of Fortnite.

You can also get it by claiming Loot Island POI spots in Asteria Island. The weapon doesn’t spawn anywhere else and you can get its normal versions as floor loot, ground loot, and chests. Even its normal versions have great damage stats and can be effective in short-range. This is the only way to get this amazing Drum Shotgun in Fortnite. Here’s how you can use it,

  • Enhanced Drum Shotgun deals over 190 DPS. This is massive by any means. The firing rate is also excellent and it includes a 12-round magazine. The weapon uses Shells as Ammo and can unleash fiery attacks to all surrounding enemies. You can reload the gun in 2.5 seconds.
  • You can kill a bunch of enemies in a single shoot. Trigger the weapon once you are in close radius and it will unleash severe damage. The critical hit damage is x1.5 and the weapon has structure damage of 54. The normal damage for Enhanced Drum Shotgun is over 60 on average.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Enhanced Drum Shotgun in Fortnite. Use the weapon in close-range battles for better results. We will come back with more Fortnite guides and updates soon.


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