How to Find and Battle Challengers in Pokemon GO


Check out our guide to help you find and battle Challengers in Pokemon GO. The new NPC Challengers are an exciting new addition with bonus rewards.

Pokemon is one of the earliest AR (Augmented Reality) games to go viral. The game was so huge that they couldn’t even support their player base. People were not being able to play the game due to restrictions on region. But the game has constantly brought about various events to keep the players satisfied. Therefore the game also passively promotes healthy living unlike other games that force you to sit inside and play.

Where to find Challengers in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Challengers
Pokemon Go Challengers

Pokemon Go Challengers are nothing but NPC’s, they have taken over random Pokestops. If you interact with them, they will subsequently challenge you. So, its safe to say that the NPC’s are back. People who have played the classic pokemon titles can relate.

You can identify the Pokemon GO Challenger Pokestop from afar and decide whether you are ready for it. There is a lot of preparation required before you can challenge a Challenger. Pokemon GO is very punishing when it comes to battles in Pokemon GO.

World Championship Challenger line-up list in Pokemon Go

There are a variety of team possibilities for your battle with each NPC in World Championship. Pokemon Go has incorporated the Classic gameplay strategy in Pokemon go. With the introduction of NPC like in the classic game a the first hurdle towards the Championship.

Ambitious Challenger

First PokemonSecond PokemonThird Pokemon
Araquanid, Obstagoon, Swampert or TrevenantAlolan Ninetales, Nidoqueen, Registeel or WalreinGreedent, Sableye, Swampert or Talonflame

Confident Challenger

First PokemonSecond PokemonThird Pokemon
Diggersby, Scrafty, Swampert or WalreinNidoqueen, Mandibuzz, Walrein, TrevenantCresselia, Deoxys (Defense) or Lickitung

Eager Challenger

First PokemonSecond PokemonThird Pokemon
Medicham or NidoqueenLickitung or SableyeSwampert or Walrein

Eccentric Challenger

First PokemonSecond PokemonThird Pokemon
Sableye, Sirfetch’d, or WalreinLickitung or WalreinRegisteel or Talonflame

Novice Challenger

First PokemonSecond PokemonThird Pokemon
Sableye or TrevenantAlolan Ninetales or AzumarillGalarian Stunfisk or Obstagoon

Slick Challenger

First PokemonSecond PokemonThird Pokemon
Azumarill or WalreinMedicham or SableyeRegisteel or Trevenant

How to Battle Pokemon GO Challengers

Challengers Gameplay
Challengers Gameplay

As mentioned above there are a total of six unique type of challengers throughout the Pokemon World Championship. All the battles against NPC will go towards the final tally for the world championship. So, be sure to fight well and look for a comparatively easier NPC.

It is recommended to challenge using a varied types of high level pokemon. This will increase your chance of winning and earn rewards.

Rewards to defeating a Pokemon GO Challenger

You will get some Pokeballs, Portions, Berries and Stardust. And if you are able to defeat five Challengers, you unlock two rare items – Elite Fast TM and Elite Charged TM. Irrespective of the type of challenger you defeat you will receive the basic reward.

Challenging and defeating challengers will help you complete the World Championships Timed Research quest. To be more specific with the rewards for defeating Pokemon GO Challengers:

  • 1 Challenger — 10 Poke Balls
  • 2 Challengers — 1 Fast TM
  • 3 Challengers — 10 Great Balls
  • 4 Challengers — 1 Charge TM
  • 5 Challengers — 10 Ultra Balls

Additionally you can also win bundles of Berries, Pokeballs, and Great balls.

Battling Pokemon GO Challengers

Battling Challengers is not that different from regular battles in Pokemon GO. There are total of six different types of Challengers in the game. They can have different sets of Pokemon’s so it doesn’t matter if you fight the same type multiple times.

image 835
Protect shield to block incoming attack

You get 2 shields and the Challengers don’t, so it should be an easy fight provided you have high level Pokemon. Shields can be used effectively to block out opponents heavy damage dealing moves and can easily turn the tide of a battle. Make sure to enter the battle with full health pokemon and use the shields strategically.

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