How to Customize Your Proxy in Zenless Zone Zero?



Proxy in Zenless Zone Zero is a non-combat character. Discover everything about proxies, their role and ways to customize their roles.

Zenless Zone Zero is an anime fantasy game that’s set in a future world called the New Erudu. Here, your role is to explore the alternate world, Hollows, and defeat enemies called the Ethereal. The Hollows is a vast world and here, the technology and resources have reached pinnacle. Their enemies are on a mission to invade other worlds and destroy their resources.

You play as a Proxy. Your goal is to guide explorers entering the Hollows. Hollows is termed as a supernatural disaster world. As of now, the Proxy Network has two members. One is Belle and the other is Wise. The two proxies are siblings and will guide everyone in Hollows. Here’s how you can play as a Proxy and also customize between them.

Proxy in Zenless Zone Zero – Everything You Need to Know

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You can pick any one Proxy from the menu.  If you pick Belle, then Wise will become your assistant. Also, you can swap roles every time from the menu. You can customize Proxy’s roles, outfits, kits, and skills. The goal is to guide explorers in the Hollows and ensure they return safely.

You can only play as one Proxy as the other’s identity will be a secret. You can always change roles and switch between Belle and Wise. Completing new missions will unlock rewards for them. You can customize everything for Proxy from the game’s main menu. The goal is to act as a guide for all explorers in the dangerous world.

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Both Belle and Wise run a video store in the Sixth street of New Eridu. The store is called Random Play and here customers can watch movies and other shows. The siblings also work together as Phaethon and their identity remains a secret to many.

Wise is a composed man and possesses all the qualities of a leader. He doesn’t speak much and works proactively. While Belle is a cute and jovial character. She loves to explore and travel all over the universe.

Zenless Zone Zero Proxy Network & More 

Proxy in Zenless Zone Zero
Belle Dialogue

Apart from these two, some secret proxies also work for a Proxy Network called the Inter-Knot Organization. You can access the inter-knot menu from the main menu while in New Eridu city. Through this menu, you can reply to clients and access new commissions as well. 

Proxy Gamer is a game system and you have to complete primer missions. The Primer Series tasks proxies with various challenges. Completing objectives unlocks resources like Inter-knot, Senior Investigator Log and Dennies.

There are numerous challenges in the Proxy Gamer system. The major tasks include reaching Inter-Knot level 5, Upgrading Agents, Joining new Factions and Promoting Agents. Access the proxy game system and complete these simple objectives to rake in all essential resources and rewards.


Which is the best starting Faction to join in Zenless Zone Zero?

Belobog Heavy Industries is one of the best factions to join as a beginner of Zenless Zone Zero. It’s headed by Koleda Belobog, a passion leader who strives hard for her people. The goal of this group is to develop Industries and flourish more resources. Join this faction and eradicate the Hollows from the New Eridu.

Is Anby Good Character to Play in Zenless Zone Zero?

Anby Demara is a top-tier character in Zenless Zone Zero. She’s an agent of the Cunning Hares faction. Anby holds the best crit damage and hp for an A-star character. You can utilize her skills and increase her base damage and attacks. The Turbo Volt will be an ideal skill for her playing style.

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