How to complete the Teamwork SBC in FIFA 23


Completing the FIFA 23 Teamwork SBC will definitely give you some amazing rewards. If you want those then here is how you can complete this SBC.

Great news for all FIFA 23 Ultimate Team fans, the latest daily Squad Building Challenge (SBC) is now up for grabs and the rewards are simply amazing. The new SBC is called “Teamwork”. It is a fitting name for a challenge that emphasizes the importance of having a team with great chemistry, just like in real-life football.

But wait, it gets even better! With the ongoing Fantasy FUT promotion, players can now also get their hands on an exclusive card from the series by completing FIFA 23 Teamwork SBC. This makes the “Teamwork” SBC one of the most lucrative challenges currently available in FIFA 23. This is especially since the promo places a lot of emphasis on real-life football matches.

Fantasy FUT Players
Fantasy FUT Players

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to build the ultimate team, complete the “Teamwork” SBC, and score yourself some amazing rewards including the highly coveted Fantasy FUT card. The guide below will help you to complete the FIFA 23 Teamwork SBC.

FIFA 23 Teamwork SBC Requirements

In the world of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), Daily Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) have become a staple feature. These daily tasks are typically incorporated into every FUT promotion to keep things fresh for players and maintain their interest. Additionally, SBCs offer enticing rewards, including packs that can grant users access to coveted special cards in FUT. One popular SBC is the Teamwork Challenge, which requires players to submit a single squad to earn rewards.

Below are the requirements of FIFA 23 Teamwork SBC.

  • Nationalities: Min 4
  • Same League Count: Min 5
  • Same Club Count: Max 4
  • Gold Players: Min 8
  • Rare: Min 4
  • Squad Total Chemistry Points: Min 24
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11

As per the estimates, completing the Squad Building Challenge requires approximately 6,100 FUT coins. The reward for finishing the challenge is an untradeable Premium Gold Pack, which consists of 12 gold cards, including 3 rares, and a guaranteed Rare card with a rating of 80 or higher. It’s important for gamers to act fast because the challenge is set to expire on March 11.

The Squad Building Challenge offers a group reward in the form of a Premium Gold Pack, which typically has a value of 25,000 coins in the FUT Store. While the pack cannot be traded, it is still a great deal compared to the opportunity cost of not participating in the SBC.

Fantasy FUT
Fantasy FUT

Fantasy FUT Cards

The Fantasy FUT cards, which are highly popular among players, are a valuable addition to any squad due to their dynamic nature. Fortunately, players who open the Premium Gold Pack rewarded upon completing the Teamwork Squad Building Challenge may have a chance to obtain one of these coveted cards. These cards are particularly useful resources in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, as they have the ability to improve over time.

Many FUT experts already have a surplus of untradeable fodder in their FUT clubs, allowing them to complete the Teamwork SBC at a low cost. Despite the recent conclusion of the FUT Champions Weekend League, which offered excellent rewards, the Teamwork SBC has gained even greater appeal among players.

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