How to Complete Sonapan Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom



Here’s our Tears of the Kingdom Sonapan Shrine quest guide along with some tips and tricks to help you complete the puzzle challenge.

Tears of the Kingdom has plenty of puzzle quests. Shrines are primary puzzle quests that are located in every region across Hyrule. Every shrine rewards you with important resources that help you complete missions easily. Sonapan Shrine is located near Satori Mountain. For this puzzle, you have to use both ultrahand and ascend abilities. You have to land on several platforms while completing this shrine. 

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You have to reach Lookout Landing and then get to Satori Mountain. From there you can reach the shrine’s location in Hyrule Ridge. Your objective is simple, ascend on platforms and structures. Then you can also use the Ultrahand skills to unlock treasure chest rewards. Here’s all about The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Sonapan Shrine quest and tips to complete it easily. 

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Tears of the Kingdom Sonapan Shrine Quest Guide and Walkthrough

The coordinates to reach Sonapan Shrine are 1918, 0359, 0228.  Get to the Satori Mountain and find apple trees. There, you can find the shrine. Here’s what you need to do to complete the Sonapan Shrine quest.

Find the first platform on the ground and use the Ascend skill. Climb further and find a stone block on your right. Once you find the block, switch to ultrahand ability and then you can move it towards the left side of your first platform. Climb up again and then move next block to your left again.

You can spot the treasure chest on the wall towards your left. You have to pull the stone blocks closer so that Link can jump down and open the treasure chest easily. Now pull another block towards your left side using ultrahand ability. Climb up on the platform again. Now you can glide to the lower level block to open the treasure chest. You will get five Arrows from the chest. 

Tears of the Kingdom Sonapan Shrine

Now use Ultrahand skills to move stone blocks that are on the left side. Move them towards your right and then you can get down from the platform safely. Now get to the upper level platform where the blocks were placed earlier and finally you can exit the shrine and complete the quest as well.

That’s how you can complete the Sonapan Shrine quest in Tears of the Kingdom. The task is simple as you just need to ascend on the platform and unlock the treasure chest and leave the shrine through the exit. Use Ascend and Ultrahand skills rightly to complete the shrine. 

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Completing shrine quests in Zelda Totk is always a challenging task for players. It’s all about using the skills and solving the puzzles. Sonapan Shrine is one among many and you can collect free resources for all shrine quest puzzles.

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