How to Change Classes in Fire Emblem Engage?



Finding it hard to change from one class to another in Fire Emblem Engage? Check our guide to switch classes easily.

Fire Emblem Engage is an action roleplaying game and the latest release from the Fire Emblem franchise. A tactical free-to-play game where units are your heroes. Emblem Rings are new additions to the game. With a variety of heroes and classes, you will fight against enemies and the mighty Fell Dragon Sombron. You can choose your Units from various classes along with Emblem Rings and magical powers to defeat enemies. You will pull heroes from their base classes. Unlike other games, Fire Emblem Engage allows you to switch between base to other classes.

Changing classes in Fire Emblem Engage requires you to level up and follow other steps. Every class has different weapons and skills, you can change class based on your powers and opponents. Advance class heroes hold more stats than Base class heroes in Fire Emblem Engage. And after reaching the highest level, you need to equip advanced level heroes to get the best results in battles. Here’s how you can change class in Fire Emblem Engage with simple tips and strategies.

Steps to Change Class

Advanced class heroes have better stats and gain access to all weapons in Fire Emblem Engage. This is one of the main reasons for players to switch classes. Here’s how you can switch from base to advance class in the game,

change Classes Fire emblem engage
  • The first requirement to change class in Fire Emblem Engage is to reach level 20. You will get access to the advance class tier after hitting this level
  • Next, you need to acquire seals. Get both Master and Second Seals in Fire Emblem Engage by completing missions, battles, and from the in-game item shop for some Gold. You can also get them from treasure chests.
  • You also need to upgrade and level up your units to Level 10 to get access to advance classes. Make sure that your units are in level 10 in a particular base class to upgrade them.
  • Weapon proficiency is another requirement for changing classes in Fire Emblem Engage. You need to get more proficiency in every weapon to change classes. Also, improve your bond with emblems to gradually improve your weapon proficiency level.

Once you match all these criteria, then you are all set to switch from base to advanced class. Here’s how to do it,

  • Launch the game and open the menu and proceed to Somniel
  • Then open inventory and change class for your units accordingly
  • After finding the class for your character, you can proceed to select the change class option and play with the new class

That’s how you can switch class in Fire Emblem Engage. Follow these steps to change class for your units. We will come back with more Fire Emblem Engage guides and updates soon.

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