How to Become a Lich in Baldur’s Gate 3



Do you want to play as a Lich in Baldur’s Gate 3? If yes, then find out everything how to become a lich in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3, the dark action RPG and adventure game is full of stories and surprises. Players can play together with companions and online friends in a lobby. They can be your party members and you can tussle against those dragons and uncanny creatures as a gang. Every unit comes from a different class and race. Also, they can choose Subclasses and Subraces.

How to Become a Lich in Baldur's Gate 3
How to Become a Lich in Baldur’s Gate 3? (Steam)

There are different types of NPCs and origin characters. You can unlock all these custom characters at different stages of the game. Be it wizard, barbarians, cleric or druid, there are plenty of characters and enemies in the game. You can become a Mindflayer or even a Githyanki. Defeating Githyanki becomes easy with tricks.

Though there are many characters, everyone loves to become a Lich, the magical wizard from the world of D&D. Becoming a Lich in Baldur’s Gate 3 is not easy and no one is sure of the actual methods to become a Lich. Here’s all about Lich and ways on how to Become a Lich in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Become a Lich in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 has just begun and players get to find more about all characters by exploring stories across world’s. The game’s feature lets you change your classes, races and characters. You can become a Vampire Spawn from Humanoid or even turn into a Rogue from Elf. But everyone’s wish is to turn into a Lich and here is how to Become a Lich in Baldur’s Gate 3

Lich is a mysterious mage character. Liches are undead magic-users. No one can withstand these types of enemies. Liches are powerful wizards and have hundreds of magical spells. They can trap and imprison their enemies using a spell. Their magical potions are dangerous and will only bring curse to others.

Liches are also immune to weapons, spells and armour sets. They can endure all heavy attacks and take damage easily. Even if you go in Invisibile, liches will be able to spot you easily. They are immune and resistant to all types of attacks, stun effects, status ailment effects, and disease effects. If you are a Lich, you will become resistant to cold temperatures as well. Overall, Liches are indomitable units in Baldur’s Gate 3. Here’s how you can become a magical Lich,

  • First, you have to play as a wizard class and complete many stories in the game
  • Then you have to complete some companions’ storylines and become a successful vampire spawn
  • After roaming as a Vampire spawn for years, you have to play as a Warlock class hero
  • Finally, you can become a Lich and this works only for some time. As you can never become a Lich permanently 

That’s how you turn as a Lich in Baldur’s Gate 3. Also, remember that these are just based on theories. Some have gotten to know about liches from boards and rats. While many are not even aware of these. You also have to read Scrolls and other letters to discover something about these liches before you can become one.

Lich is an impeccable wizard. These magic users remain undead forever. But they are only rarely seen in every world of D&D. No one has seen Liches in a single location. We may have to wait and watch if Liches arrive frequently in Baldur’s Gate 3 as there are many new stories currently.

That’s everything you need to know about becoming a lich in Baldur’s Gate 3. These are the best ways to how to Become a Lich in Baldur’s Gate 3. Use its magical abilities and dominate the vast world.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you play Karlach and Lae’Zel in same team in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Both these companions share same playing style and stats. So, it’s better to avoid having Karlach and Lae’Zel in the same squad of Baldur’s Gate III.

Is leveling up easy in BG 3?

Leveling up in BG 3 is easy and difficult at the same time. It’s all about exploring and deploying the right strategies against enemies. All you need to do is to farm xp by exploring and playing quests. With these, you can level up easily.

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