How to Beat the Rivals in Zenless Zone Zero?



Struggling to beat rivals in Zenless Zone Zero? Then, follow these strategies and tricks to overcome your rivals.

Zenless Zone Zero, the RPG is a gripping adventure game. Here, you have to traverse across two worlds. Your journey as an explorer starts in the New Eridu world. After completing starting quests, you have to explore the supernatural disaster world, Hollows. Enemies in Hollows are a major threat to the universe as their goal is to destroy resources and infrastructure of other worlds.

Though enemies in Hollows have managed to invade many regions, yet they  have not managed to capture the New Eridu. Ethereal in Hollows are monsters and they have come up with a new plan to invade the metropolis. Hollows are rivals for residents in New Eridu and defeating these hollows in Zenless Zone Zero is a huge task.

Some Ethereals in Hollows disguise themselves as proxies and humans, so it’s never an easy task to survive against monsters in Hollows. Those explorers who visit hollows are in danger of getting mutated by these Ethereal and other Corrupted enemies as well. The goal of New Eridu is to trap enemies in Hollows and rescue the hostages. Defeating your rivals in Zenless Zone Zero can be done in many ways. So, find some tricks and strategies to overcome Ethereal enemies in Hollows.

Rivals in Zenless Zone Zero

Strategies to Defeat the Rivals in Zenless Zone Zero

Hollows and Ethereal enemies are your main rivals in Zenless Zone Zero. Also, you have to overcome other enemies like The Corrupted, Thugs, Proxies and Hollow Raiders. Here are some tips to overcome these mobs,

Stay in a Safe Spot 

Explore every location in Hollows. Hollow is a big zone and you have to find some safe spots to hide. Staying in one safe zone ensures you can plan your strategies without much trouble. Stay in locations where there is no major threat.

Hollows is full of traps and obstacles. There will be different types of monsters. So, if you are spotted by them, make sure to run immediately and hide in a safe place. Also, run to an open space where you can breathe easily and hide. Running out of oxygen can lead to elimination

Get Guidance from a Proxy

Meet Proxies and other members of Hollows. These investigators will guide you while you stay in Hollows. They will enlighten you about threats and risks. So, meet the higher officials like Proxies and Investigators as you enter this world. The Hollow Investigative Association organization is associated with New Eridu City Administration. So, whenever there’s an issue, you can meet them.

Small Enemies 

Start defeating small mobs like Thugs and Raiders. Before fighting against elite Ethereal monsters, you can tussle against these small mobs and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

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Corrupted Substance 

Beware of the Unknown Substance in Hollows. It will be seen in every spot. This might persuade explorers in Hollows as it resembles a resource. But if you try get hold of this substance, you will be corrupted by its effects and eventually you will turn into “The Corrupted”. Your identity as a human will be lost once you are affected by this substance 


Use weapons like Sledgehammers, Grenades and Axes. Also, use your skills and gear items to defeat Ethereal bosses. These bosses have magical powers and high health bars. Breaking their shields is never an easy task. So, equip the best set of weapons and gear items to slay these enemies in Hollows

Team Comps

Always go with the best team comps for battles. The challenges against your rivals in Zenless Zone Zero will be the ultimate battles. To defeat Hollows and exploit their resources, it’s important to have the best agents in your squad

These are the major strategies and tips to survive and beat Rivals in Zenless Zone Zero. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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Who Can Play Zenless Zone Zero?

Zenless Zone Zero will be available for PC, Android and iOS platforms. It’s a free-to-play fantasy game that’s set in a metropolis. Zenless Zone Zero will not be launched for consoles.

Is Anby Good Character to Play in Zenless Zone Zero?

Anby Demara is a top-tier character in Zenless Zone Zero. She’s an agent of the Cunning Hares faction. Anby holds the best crit damage and hp for an A-star character. You can utilize her skills and increase her base damage and attacks. The Turbo Volt will be an ideal skill for her playing style.

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