How to beat The Congregator of Flesh in Lords of the Fallen?



Want to beat the Congregator of Flesh boss in Lords of the Fallen? Then, go ahead with these tricks and tips.

Fighting against menacing creatures of Lords of the Fallen is a challenging task. The boss battles in LotF include many dangerous creatures and monsters. The Congregator of Fles, a  squelching and monstrous creature, is located in the Forsaken Fen. Players have to slay this boss to progress in the game’s main campaign stories.

This is a non-optional boss fight and you can find the Congregator of Flesh near Vestige of Olleren. You can unlock exclusive rewards after slaying the boss. Finding the best weapons, armor sets and spells is important to beat this dangerous creature-like boss. Sk, find some tips and tricks to beat the Congregator of Flesh in Lords of the Fallen from our guide.

Lords of the Fallen Congregator of Flesh Boss Fight – Tips and Strategies

Congregator of Flesh has plenty of attacks. It can scare enemies with a scream. It will spit poison and drain health in a short time. So, you have to increase your stamina and wear armor set pieces. You can carry a hammer, dagger and more ranged weapons. Melee weapons are not required against this boss. But you can use radiant spells, holy attacks and Burn effects.

Phase 1

Lords of the Fallen Congregator of Flesh
Congregator of Flesh in Lords of the Fallen

You can only block or sprint the creature’s attacks as parrying is not allowed. The boss will scream and try to knock down players. The scream will be louder and it will knock you back and you can stay back initially to avoid it. The Congregator of Flesh primarily uses claw attacks and it will inflict damage from the primary arm. It will perform a sweep attack and spit poison on the ground.

The boss will slam its fists to wreak havoc, this time you can charge forward and perform a powerful slam. The boss will slam its body and head on the ground to create a thunderous attack, make sure to run out of the zone.

It will also lunge forward and try to bite you. Use your hammer and unleash some hard strikes. Deplete half its health and it will trigger the final phase. Second phase will be more challenging as the boss will turn beast and attack aggressively.

Phase 2

The boss will immediately charge forward and try to trample your players, you can sprint and attack from its back. Launch your attacks on its left arm as this can stun the boss for a while. Beware of its poison wave again and move to either side to escape this trap.

Once you destroy its arms, you can focus on demolishing its main leg. You can close in and launch your attacks. Mix your attacks with status effects and throw spells to deplete its energy. The boss will become weaker in the last phases and you can exploit this situation to beat this challenge.

These are the strategies to beat the Congregator of Flesh. You will earn some exclusive rewards that include these resources,

  • Remembrance of the Congregator of Flesh
  • Umbral Scouring
  • Vestige Seed

By defeating the Congregator of the Flesh, new chapters will be unlocked in the game. Playing together with friends in co-op is the best way to progress in Lords of the Fallen sequel.


Is Lords of the Fallen Out for Mobile?

No, Lords of the Fallen 2023 is only exclusively to PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X/S. Lords of the Fallen Prequel (2014) version was launched for both mobile and PC, but this time the makers have not decided to launch it for mobile.

How to Get Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen?

You can farm Umbral Scouring by defeating enemies and completing boss fights. They can be purchased from traders and NPCs. Also, you can open hidden treasure chests to farm these currency. In Lords of the Fallen, Umbral Scouring is your money that can be used to purchase all , weapons equipment and in-game resources.

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