How to beat Taotie boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty



Defeating the dangerous Taotie boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is quite a tricky task. Follow our tips and tricks to beat Taotie easily.

The boss fights in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty are out. Taotie is the game’s 10th and primary boss in the Centuries of Glory Burned Away level mission. Taotie is bulky and powerful by all means. It is also the game’s most intimidating boss and you need to overcome its massive fireballs and moves to complete the challenge. Taotie is a vulnerable demon and beast level boss, you have to complete the boss fight along with Liu Bei and other companions. You need to take care of your divine beasts as the challenge might restart if they are killed.

Taotie is an extremely dangerous boss and it can unleash explosive damage and projectiles continuously. You need to counter its moves and deflect his attacks to win this boss battle. With the best weapons, techniques, and spells you can overcome Taotie and kill the boss in its place. Here is our guide and walkthrough to defeat and kill the Taotie boss in the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. 

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Taotie Boss Fight – Best Guide and Tips

Beating Taotie is next to impossible. The boss has various moves and projectiles. Taotie will jump every time and your targets should be accurate whenever the boss jumps. You can utilize deflecting and dodging for most parts. Again the boss has magical crystals covering its legs and other parts, this will protect the boss from your massive attacks.

You can use wizardry spells and other best weapons along with an armor set to avoid incoming attacks and damage. The boss can stomp and will use his claws to inflict severe damage. Your best strategy to defeat Taotie is to deploy fatal strikes and deflect technique. Here’s how you can beat the Taotie boss,

Phase 1 

Taotie will unleash fireballs and use its claws to attack in the initial stages. The claw attacks will be faster and you can deflect them. You can dodge and deflect its other moves and counters in phase 1. The boss jumps and releases a crystal projectile, use fatal strike to counter along with wizardry spell. You can target its knees and Liu Bei can attack its head to deal damage. Targeting knees is the best option to stun the boss.

Taotie boss fight
Taotie boss

Block its flames and projectiles. You can also deflect its critical blows and stomp attacks. Use wizardry spell and attack on the shoulder to stun Taotie. Taotie remains in human form for phase 2 and will only transform into a beast in the next phase. You can dodge its AoE and jumping attacks. Keep dealing damage and attack its feet to stun the boss. Deflect its dash attacks and critical blows. You can continue with this strategy and stun Taotie to deplete its hp. Don’t focus on killing the boss in phase 1. Just try to deflect its moves and avoid getting damaged. Your spirit and health should be the same and you also need to protect Liu Bei.

Focus on reducing its spirit gauge to get to the final phase. Unleash fatal strikes to stun the boss for a long time. The boss will also spit poison and you can stay back in the arena. Deflect its 2nd critical blow which comes in the form of red shards. The boss will also unleash melee and sweeping attacks, again you can block or deflect them easily. Once the boss collapses, you can unleash fatal strikes on its head and knees to initiate the final round. 

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Taotie

Phase 2 

Taotie will be more aggressive and proactive in phase 2. The boss will be in its animal form. It’s even a dangerous sight to watch its evolution. The boss will unleash and release fireballs, projectiles, and red crystals, you can counter and deal damage to stun the boss. Taotie will unleash more sweeping attacks and spikes, you can dodge them. The sweeping attacks can be vulnerable and will reduce your health, make sure to block them

Deflect its jumping moves and projectiles. You can deflect its red shards orbs and throw them back to stun the boss. Focus on its knees and spirit gauge make Taotie fall to the ground. The boss will be on its knees whenever it’s stunned. Utilize martial arts and wizardry spells to deal double damage. The wizardy spells can drain Taotie’s spirit gauge and health quickly in last phase. Keep attacking and deal more damage without losing focus.

The boss will restore its HP in the last round and you need to be tentative of its charged moves and massive critical blows. Deflect and dodge its moves and attack its legs to drain its spirit level. Stun the boss with a fatal strike and keep attacking for a while. Block its moves and sweeping attacks. Whenever the boss is down on its knees, you can target its knees and crystals as this will temporarily stun the boss again. Damage its crystals and keep dealing damage. Use spells and change your moves to stun Taotie. Utilize fatal strikes once again if the boss comes forward. Continue with these strategies and the battle will move to last part.

Attack constantly and unleash the final fatal strike to defeat the boss and complete the challenge. You can collect rewards as drops and leave the arena. That’s how you can beat the Taotie boss in the game. A real challenge that will test your patience and skills. Complete the challenge against Taotie and you will face the next set of enemies. You will also unlock more boss fights and challenges.

Follow these tips, tricks, and strategies to defeat Taotie in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. We will come back with more Wo Long Fallen Dynasty updates and guides soon.

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