Genshin Impact Mona Build – Best Weapons, Artifacts, Teams


With the help of the Genshin Impact Mona Build, you will learn about her best weapons, artifacts, and teams to maximize strength.

Looking for a versatile Hydro character in Genshin Impact? Mona is the one for you. As a five-star Catalyst character, she can fulfill either a high-damage support role or be the star of your team as a Main DPS. With her Skill and Burst abilities, Mona can apply a ton of Hydro on the battlefield. This allows for huge elemental reactions such as vaporized or Electro-Charged. If you’re looking to maximize her potential, check out our Genshin Impact Mona Build which has the best artifacts and weapons to help you dominate the game.


Genshin Impact Mona Build: Best Weapons 

If you’re looking for the best five-star weapon option for Mona in Genshin Impact, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is your go-to choice. This is as long as you can maintain at least one stack. This weapon not only provides additional movement speed, which is ideal for Mona to dodge enemy attacks, but it also boosts her critical rate stat. This makes it easier to build her artifacts around this weapon and further enhances her damage output.

However, if you want to consider another five-star weapon for Mona, Skyward Atlas is also a great option. It does require you to build up enough critical rate to fully utilize its potential. However, it’s definitely worth it. One thing to keep in mind is that it can be tricky to make it synergize with Mona’s perfect combo. 

For those who prefer to go for a four-star weapon option, The Widsith is the top contender. It even outperforms some of the five-star weapons when it comes to enhancing Mona’s abilities. It’s versatile and works well with most team compositions, making it a reliable choice. However, it’s not recommended for electro-charged teams as it underperforms in such situations.

Another four-star weapon worth considering is Mappa Mare. This weapon is particularly great for vaporizing teams, and it’s F2P friendly too. You can easily obtain and refine it at the blacksmith, making it a cost-effective choice for players. Overall, Mona has several great weapon options to choose from, depending on your preferences and playstyle.

Best Team for Mona

Mona is a highly versatile character in Genshin Impact who can fit into a variety of team compositions based on the needs of the situation. Her ability to deal massive DPS makes her a highly sought-after character. Players should take full advantage of her abilities by pairing her with compatible characters.

If you’re looking to maximize Mona’s potential, Anemo supports like Sucrose or Venti are a great choice. These characters can group together enemies, allowing Mona to unleash her devastating damage output. Additionally, any Anemo character with crowd control abilities can work as a substitute.

Since Mona is a Hydro character, she requires a Pyro support to make the most of her abilities. This is where Bennett comes in as the most compatible character with Mona. Bennett’s attack-boosting capabilities, as well as his healing abilities, synergize well with Mona’s playstyle.


However, if you prefer to run her with Electro characters, Fischl and Beidou make a great combo. With Mona acting to make Beidou’s burst effectively, you can get plenty of Electro here. If you have the Memory of Dust weapon, you’ll also want a shielder on your team like Zhongli or Diona to maximize the damage stacks.


If you prefer to use Mona as a support character, you should run her with a high burst damage DPS like Klee or Hu Tao. However, there are plenty of other compositions to run with Mona. The choice ultimately comes down to whether you want to run Vaporize with Pyro or Electro-charged with Electro. It’s best to assess your other characters and choose the composition that complements your team’s strengths.


Genshin Impact Mona Build: Best Artifacts

When it comes to optimizing Genshin Impact Mona Build, choosing the right artifacts is crucial. Here are three artifact sets that are popular among players for their ability to enhance Mona’s damage output:

Heart of Depth – This 4-piece set is a top choice for Mona as it boosts her Normal and Charged Attack damage by 30%. This is for 15 seconds after using an Elemental Skill. Additionally, the 2-piece set bonus provides a 15% Hydro damage bonus, which complements Mona’s natural Hydro element.

Wanderer’s Troupe – If you prefer to use Mona’s Charged Attack frequently, then the Wanderer’s Troupe set is an excellent choice. The 4-piece set bonus provides a 35% increase in Charged Attack damage if she uses a Catalyst or a Bow. This is great for dealing with massive damage in a short amount of time. The 2-piece set bonus also increases Elemental Mastery by 80, which further enhances her elemental reactions.

Gladiator’s Finale – For players who want to focus on Mona’s Normal Attack damage, the Gladiator’s Finale set is an excellent choice. The 4-piece set bonus increases Normal Attack damage by 35% if she uses a Sword, Claymore, or Polearm. The 2-piece set bonus provides an 18% ATK increase. This set is especially useful if you frequently use Mona’s basic attacks to deal damage.

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