Check our guide and tips to defeat the powerful Skeletron Boss in Terraria. It can be a bit difficult but our guide will help you out if you are having some trouble.

Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox video game from the makers of Re-Logic. It is an amazing game where you can explore, craft resources by mining, build houses, paint buildings, and finally battle against enemies. Terraria is both a Single-player and Multiplayer game. In Terraria there are small quests and challenges, after completing these, you can also tussle against the big bosses in the game. Skeletron is one of the major bosses in Terraria and you need to combat against Skeletron boss in its Dungeon. Skeletron, the giant skeleton with skulls has a variety of moves and attacks.

You can complete the boss fight against Skeletron in the game’s Expert mode or normal mode. But it’s always better to fight against the boss in the expert level in-game mode in Terraria. Before the battle against Skeletron, you need to take the best equipment, magic, mana potions, healing potions, campfires, lighting, and more in the arena. You need to interact with the old man to initiate the battle against Skeletron. Skeletron has maxed HP, you need to cover up your resources to win against this pre-hard mode mob in one of the toughest boss challenges in Terraria. Here’s our Skeleton boss fight guide and walkthrough to defeat the skeleton boss in Terraria.

Terraria Skeletron Boss Fight – Guide and Strategy

You need to make your way to the dungeon, the skeleton boss resides in either jungle or snow biome. Before the battle begins make sure to meet the NPC, the Old Man (Clothier) to know everything about the boss fight. Then you can prepare yourself to battle against Skeletron. You should not invade Skeletron’s dungeon, or else the mission may fail and restart from the beginning. The battle against Skeletron begins in an Arena that’s located outside his dungeon.

Either normal mode or expert mode, the strategy and plan won’t change. You need to stick to your strategies to defeat the skeletron boss. The skeletron boss thrives on his magical arms and skulls, your first target should be his arms, and then you can damage the skeletron boss’ head. Go with full Armor and other resources to avert his attacks. 

Skeletron Terraria

A Molten Armor, Fossil Armor, or Meteor Armor can be equipped. And again you need some bombs, helmets, and boots. Lightning boots,  Sailfish boots, and Spectre boots can be used. And carry Cannon, ranged weapons, Healing and Mana Potion, Spells, Magic, and Sword. Demon Scythe spell, Magic Mirror, Flamelash, Space Gun, Bee Gun, Book of Skulls, and Water Bolt can be your other items.

For expert mode, you can go with Crimson Rod, Sky Fracture, Poison Staff, Flower of Frost, Honeyed Goggles, Cthulu Shield, Horseshoe Balloon, and the Boom Stick. Now here’s the best guide and tips to defeat Skeletron boss.

Skeletron Boss Fight – Tips and Tricks 

With full weapons and defense equipped, you can easily beat Skeletron. Skeletron has floating and magical arms and can attack from the air. It unleashes several spin attacks, and you can use your Armor to negate them. Skeletron is a faster troop, the boss lunges forward and shoots skulls to deal massive damage. The boss can also spin and swipe his head and hands to attack faster. Every time Skeletron swipes his arms, his attacks become faster and more powerful than before. Cast your spells and use mana to overcome his attacks during the initial phase.

Skeletron Terraria
Skeletron Boss Fight

Whenever Skeletron flies, you need to be wary of his soon moves. You need to damage his arms to reduce his HP and damage skills. Use your weapons along with magic, use mana potions whenever required, and keep attacking Skeletron’s arms initially. Skeletron’s attacks will be different whenever his health goes down. The boss may attack faster at times. You need to use magic and armor consistently to overcome Skeletron’s fiery spin attacks and other combos.

Once his arms are broken, you can continue to attack his head to reduce his health further. Skeletron once again used spin and skulls for the final phase, you can summon him with your spells and ranged weapons during the final phase. 

You can also throw bombs and use cannons to reduce his HP faster. The battle continues for a while and you can stick to your plans. Unleash your shots, shoot his head fully and defeat Skeletron’s head to complete the battle. Once Skeletron, his arms, and his skulls are defeated, the boss fight against the skeleton mob in Terraria ends. You can get your rewards after defeating Skeletron. The skeletron boss drops a couple of rewards that you can use it to level up faster in the game.

Rewards for Skeletron Boss Fight

You will get these rewards after beating Skeletron in Terraria. The rewards can be obtained as drops. The rewards will also change based on the drops from the skeletron boss.

  • Skeletron Hand
  • Treasure Bag
  • Skeletron Mask
  • Skeletron Trophy
  • Chippy’s Couch
  • Healing Potions

With this, our Terraria Skeletron Boss fight guide and strategy are done. Defeat Skeletron and acquire your new rewards. The same set of strategies can be used on all devices you play Terraria. For the mobile version, you can go with the upgraded weapons in Terraria. We will come back with more Terraria guides and updates soon.

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